Double Pane Windows

Your windows are the part of your home that allows the most heat exchange between indoor temperatures and the world outside. An effective way to reduce the effects of heat exchange is through double pane window installation. Glass Doctor® of Coldwater, MI offers a professional glass replacement service that will return your home to a more climate controlled condition.

Double Pane Unit Structure

double pane window

Insulated glass units, referred to as IGUs, are a type of window that uses two or more panes of glass, separated with insulating spacers. These type of windows, often known as double or triple pane windows, work by creating a barrier that reduces the amount of heat passing through the glass. Ultimately, this reduces energy usage and keeps your home more comfortable during every season. The space between the panes can even be filled with argon, krypton or other non-conductive gases for even more insulation. The edges of the panes are sealed using a moisture-resistant desiccant or warm-edge dividers known as super spacers. Since IGUs allow your HVAC unit to run less, and that means a savings of up to 30% over single pane glass.

Double Pane Window Replacement

Over time, IGUs can become damaged, and the seals will eventually wear out. Before we perform a full window replacement, Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, will assess the existing windows. Indicators of broken seals include condensation between the panes, a cloudy appearance, or even a noticeable draft in severe instances. We can replace single panes and reseal the windows using a special sealant that is resistant to the effects of weather, remaining slightly spongy rather drying to a hard finish.

Our glass replacement specialists can remove the window and frame, and then replace it with a new double pane window. In many cases, we can install IGUs into your existing frames, saving you money without sacrificing the effectiveness of insulated glass. Not only will IGUs reduce your household energy costs, but they also add an attractive look and increase the value of the home. Best of all, window replacement only takes about an hour.

Even though glass replacement can be done quickly, we understand that you have to take time out of your busy day, and will be happy to schedule our visit to meet your preferences. To schedule an in-home consultation, please contact Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, and ask the representative about our double pane window services.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.