Advance Measurement System

Flooding, fires and other property damage is always unexpected. Your comprehensive disaster recovery plan provides a valuable road map to help return your operations to normal as quickly as possible. At Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, we pride ourselves on the ability to anticipate and work the specific needs of our clients. Our Advance Measurement system consists of proactive glass care, repair and replacement, which you can easily incorporate into your disaster recovery plan.

Jump Start Your Disaster Plan

To enroll in our proactive glass care program, simply make an appointment with our glass specialist to complete a survey of your facility. This drawing contains the measurements, numbered locations, and building code requirements of all types of glass in your facility. When glass damage happens, day or night, call Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI. With the diagram of your facility in hand, report the number of the damaged pane. Our staff will match the number with the corresponding pane from the survey. If we have the glass in stock, our expert will arrive quickly to make the repair without requiring a board-up. Completing the repair in a single visit will save your business precious time and money. To facilitate a faster replacement process, we put your company’s pre-established credit and contact information on file.

In-Stock Program

The location of certain windows, doors and specialty glass items make them especially prone to breakage. The Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, the team prepares your business for this eventuality with our In-Stock program. Joining ensures that we will have the required pane in our inventory at all times. Knowing that time is of the essence, our glass expert will arrive at your location and repair the pane immediately.

Benefits of the Advance Measurement Program

The glass repair and replacement component of a disaster recovery plan do not have to be complicated and stressful. Our Advance Measurement system focuses on the task of completing the emergency installation in one trip and saving our customers time and money. Other advantages for program participants include:

  • Convenience: Practical and proactive glass care designed to minimize business interruptions
  • Reduced liability: Mitigate risk to customers, employees and assets
  • Expediency: Safeguard your image and avoid extended board-ups
  • Security: Limit exposure to theft, vandalism and natural elements
  • Pre-approved credit: Avoid billing conflicts and delays with pre-established credit

Contact Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, to learn more about how our proactive glass care services can enhance your disaster recovery plan and help you stay in business.