Window Repair & Replacement

Arranging for occasional window glass repair or replacement service is an unavoidable part of home ownership. Broken or inefficient windows have the power to wreck your home’s security or cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted utility costs. However, the professionals at Glass Doctor® of Coldwater, MI, offer residential glass solutions that are designed to make window glass repair easy and affordable. Plus, we offer functional glass improvements that enhance your comfort while lowering your energy usage.

Window Glass Repair

Accidents happen. Flying debris from storm force winds or an overzealous sports enthusiast often unerringly strikes your windows, resulting in breakage that leaves your house vulnerable to pesky intruders. Our window glass repair service provides immediate solutions for residential restoration.

Emergency Service

Our specialists are available 24-7, including holidays. Many window glass repairs do not require a board-up and may be fixed immediately. Plus, since we’re able to work directly with your insurance company, our service experts are able to secure breakages that occur while you’re out of town.

Double Pane and Specialty Glass Solutions

Most homes feature a variety of glass applications. Our window service options run the gamut, providing glass repairs that range from replacing ineffective seals to repairing locking mechanism for improving both the function and appearance of your home. Common problems include:

  • Cloudy or foggy windows are the result of broken seals. Mineral and water deposits look unsightly, but replacing the entire unit isn’t always necessary. Our specialists will assess the damage to determine the most affordable solution.
  • Our specialists repair broken latches, tracks and similar mechanics. Annual maintenance procedures make your windows last longer and work perfectly.

Window Replacement Options

We offer expert guidance for homeowners who are considering energy-efficient window replacement. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that your windows are responsible for up to a 25% loss of your climate-controlled air, which means over a quarter of your energy costs each month is waste.

However, we provide a variety of low emissivity (Low-E) windows and insulated glass units (IGUs) that will reduce your energy consumption and conform to your budget. Low-E windows improve energy savings by reducing the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light that filters into your home. Not only does it prevent carpet and furniture from fading by blocking UV rays. Gaining more natural light without the high costs of heat transference means you’re able to use less electricity so your cooling unit works less.

Moreover, IGUs offer superior insulation during cold winter months. Glass panes are separated to enhance insulation. The air-space is fortified with specific gasses and strong seals that significantly reduce outdoor air and noise penetration.

Reliable, Professional Service

Our glass specialists are trained to solve any glass dilemma. We offer a variety of onsite services and conduct in-home consultations. In addition to window glass repairs, we offer upgrades such as:

  • Tinting and laminates that reduce glare and the presence of dangerous shards, if your window glass is damaged.
  • Our hydrophobic coating glass protectant for interior and exterior applications. A revolutionary product that reduces scratches and mineral deposits on glass, porcelain and granite surfaces. The treatment improves visibility on auto glass during inclement weather.
  • Advantage Plan® memberships that deliver price discounts, priority scheduling, and breakage protection on future incidents.

Contact Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, to schedule your personal consultation today, and discover the peace of mind that a professional window glass repair provider consistently delivers.