Custom Mirrors

The addition of glass decor to your interior design is an excellent way to impact people's view of your home positively. A particularly effective way to introduce glass decor into your interior design is through the use of custom mirrors. A custom mirror will have a significant impact on any space by improving the visual aesthetic as well as the comfort of a room. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Coldwater, MI, will provide you with an extensive selection of custom glass solutions to choose from in order to design a unique living space that suits your personal style.

Mirrors for Every Taste

Our experienced glass specialists will also be able to cut and install practically any type of custom mirror or glass surface you desire. Before every project, we meet with our clients to discover which characteristic of mirrors they want to highlight. A well-made mirror will add depth, light and interest to space. Instead of relying on box-store options, consult with our specialists about designing a mirror made to fit your space.

Increase Depth and the Illusion of Space

One way to improve the comfort of a small space is through the strategic placement of custom mirrors. We can design and place custom mirrors to reflect your ceilings, walls and natural light to make a room feel much brighter and more open. We also suggest using tiled or framed mirrors to highlight the unique architecture and contours of your home design. To determine where the placement of a custom mirror will be most beneficial, schedule an in-home meeting today. As part of your consultation, we may recommend:

  • The use of mirrored walls: To increase the perception of space in small rooms or hallways.
  • The use of a mirrored backsplash: To add depth to your kitchen space.
  • The use of statement mirrors: To emphasize various focal points throughout your home, like the headboard in the bedroom or the fireplace in the living area.

Accentuate Home Decor and Art

The use of glass decor that's cut and customized from a selection of tints, finishes, frames and edges is a fantastic way to accentuate the existing art and decor within your home interior. Consider the use of:

  • Framed mirrors: To introduce a touch of inspiring glass decor to your walls.
  • Hanging mirrors: To reflect light onto your favorite art pieces.
  • Mirrored shelves: To provide a fuller view of your antiques, collectibles, sculptures and other art pieces.

Enhance Natural Light

Mirrored tabletops and hanging mirrors will help spread natural light and artificial light throughout any space and are especially useful in darker rooms without windows. Accomplish this with:

  • Mounted mirrors: To increase the illumination created by lanterns, desk lamps and other light sources.
  • Bedroom mirrors: To reflect natural light and artificial light throughout the bedroom.

Provide a View of Yourself

Full-length mirrors are commonly used in bedrooms, entryways and closets to provide a top-to-bottom perspective of your appearance. These mirrors can be customized with a frame and finish to accentuate your home decor. Choose from:

  • Framed mirrors: To add a visual flourish to your bathrooms.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: To try on your clothing before leaving the house.

Schedule an in-home consultation by contacting us at Glass Doctor of Coldwater, MI, today. Our glass specialists will provide expert advice and guidance for choosing the right custom mirrors for your home.