Summerville Mirror Installation Service

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You may think that installing or hanging mirrors is easy, but it requires skill and a meticulous eye for detail. Like most professional hanging services, Summerville mirror installation services are designed to provide enhanced safety and prevent personal injury for property owners who have purchased expensive decorative units for their homes. While you may have an idea of where your new structures should go, it’s always a good idea to have an expert Summerville glass company handle the complicated part of your home project and also give you advice and tips on proper installation steps.

Didn’t know there is a useful service such as Summerville mirror installations? Then it’s time to find out more! Give our friendly team at Glass Doctor Home + Business of Charleston and Summerville a call at (843) 970-2192 today and find out how we can help increase your home’s visual appeal!

What Does Summerville Mirror Installation Service Include?

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Our Summerville mirror installation team is available for formal consultations, during which we’re more than happy to help you choose the right quality products for your home. Glass Doctor works with a wide range of trusted suppliers who provide reliable product details that include manufacturing information. We found that many clients had fallen victim to untrusted sources when they purchased products with manufacturing defects that weren’t protected by any warranties.

Therefore, with our expert Summerville mirror installation services, we are committed to helping you purchase high-quality materials with detailed product specifications, as well as a professional hanging and installation service.

Our glass installation experts are highly familiar with the following types of structures:

  • Wall mirrors
  • Ceiling mirrors
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Bathroom mirrors (i.e., vanity, lighted mirrors)
  • Framed and frameless mirrors
  • Oversized units
  • General replacement mirrors and much more!

Summerville Mirror Repairs

It’s natural for your first thought to be bad luck when facing a broken mirror, even if it’s a minor chip or hairline crack. While many households may have an emergency mirror repair kit that includes a resin injector, it may not be all that reliable and may not help preserve your unit’s original looks. The leading causes of cracks are high impact, old age, and accidents. But when it comes to the actual attempt of repair, it’s highly important that the unit is removed safely from the wall or its frame as to prevent personal injury and further damage. Therefore, in the event of repair needs, we recommend calling our Summerville mirror installation technicians to handle the removal.

Unfortunately, in most cases, a replacement unit is the best and safest option. If you have decorative framing that you want to reuse, we’ll be more than happy to complete the mirror replacement. When you purchase a new unit, we’ll evaluate the new unit’s measurement and thickness, so it will fit your existing frame perfectly.

Why Hire Glass Doctor Home + Business of Charleston and Summerville’s Mirror Installation Service?

As your local team of glass experts, we handle everything from windows to doors and mirrors. Glass is not an easy material to handle, nor is it simple to detect certain types of damage without professional inspection and diagnosis. At Glass Doctor Home + Business of Charleston and Summerville we are committed to excellence, expertise, and efficiency. All members of our team are background-checked, certified, and fully insured, bringing an average of ten years’ experience working in the home service industry in and around Summerville.

All of our glass services are covered by Neighborly’s Done Right Guarantee®, which is designed to build trust and give you peace of mind knowing that certified glass professionals are handling the job.

Summerville Mirror Installation FAQs

Is it Possible to Repair a Small Crack in My Mirror?

Mirror repairs are possible, depending on the size and severity of the crack. If it’s small, our glass repair technician will apply epoxy resin adhesive to the crack to recover your structure’s stability. And once the resin dries, we will scrape off any excess epoxy with a razor blade before finishing the surface with glass cleaner.

How Do I Effectively Install A Bathroom Mirror By Myself?

The key to perfect hanging lies in the preparation process, whether you’re planning to install a framed or frameless unit. Required mounting hardware includes wall studs and brackets that are strong enough to hold the entire structure and keep it level. Most framed units will need a center hook and wires, whereas frameless ones typically rely on clips or adhesive. For large-size frameless units, glass experts recommend using wall studs for reliable support.

Why Are There Black Spots On The Surface, And How Do I Remove Them?

Black spot issues, also known as mirror rot or “desilvering” are caused by moisture deteriorating the bond between the glass surface and backing material. So when the silver layers start to chip off, it leaves behind black dots. Unlike mirror blemishes and discoloration that you can easily brush off, dark spots are slightly more complicated because they often indicate interior damage that is more serious than just a cosmetic issue. While there are repair methods, such as applying a new paint finish or resilvering the surface, our glass specialist might still recommend a new Summerville mirror installation to prevent future repair needs.

Looking for A New Summerville Mirror Installation?

When it is time for a Summerville mirror installation, our team of experts is happy to help you during a formal consultation service. We proudly serve our community of Summerville and surrounding neighborhoods, such as Ladson and Charleston.

Give our friendly office staff a call today at (843) 970-2192 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our other popular Glass Doctor services, including window repair, shower doors, and emergency services. We are your local pros for restoring your home’s energy efficiency and always go the extra mile to deliver more than needed.