Commercial Glass Advance Measurement System

At Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Charleston and Summerville, we’re established experts in three specific areas of glass repair and replacement: residential, automotive and commercial. Adding to the uniqueness of this range of specialty services, you’ll also note a number of extras we proudly provide our customers.

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Charleston and Summerville offers the Advance Measurement system to local business owners; designed to create a business recovery plan in case disaster strikes.

Measuring in Advance

Our glass specialists will make an appointment at your convenience to come to your place of business and conduct an Advance Measurement survey. The purpose of the survey is to determine the dimensions of each pane of glass making up your windows and doors as well as other glass items such as shelving. A detailed diagram is then made, with each piece of glass appropriately numbered. Additional details are also noted, such as specific requirements for specialized panes like shatter-resistant or tempered, safety glass.

Finally, our glass specialists will note any particular glass that falls under current code requirements for safety; this will ensure building code compliance. Once the survey and diagram are complete, one copy will be given to the business and another will be kept on file with our team.

Emergency Response

The purpose of having glass repair and replacement as an item listed in your business recovery plan comes down to the need for continued safety and security. In the event of a broken glass emergency, whether during business hours or late in the middle of the night, our 24/7 emergency response team needs only thing: the number of the glass pane from your diagram. If we have that correct size and type of glass in stock, our glass specialists will be able to replace your damaged pane immediately, with no need to go the extra step of temporarily boarding up the broken door or window.

Benefits of having Advance Measurement information in the event an emergency occurs include:

  • Time savings through an expedited replacement process
  • Cost savings from receiving a complete replacement in just one visit
  • Pre-established credit approval
  • Avoiding the need for the less-than-attractive board up process

One additional benefit we provide is for specific windows and doors you may have that suffer a history of frequent damage. We can pre-order those particular pieces and hold them in stock until needed.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Even if a broken glass emergency happens that's not major, chances are it will still present both a safety and a security risk. Broken glass becomes a liability issue in a business and needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Cleanup is one of the first steps taken by our emergency response team.

Other outstanding benefits associated with Advance Measurement include:

  • Convenience: Allows business to continue as usual, uninterrupted
  • Time and Cost Savings: With the capability to complete the entire replacement process in one single visit
  • Security: Immediately deal with securing any breach that would allow the intrusion of weather, insects or would-be vandals and thieves

You'll also provide an attractive appearance for customers by forgoing the necessity of boarding up. The simple process of Advance Measurement is a proactive means for ensuring a smoother transition following an emergency. Just give Glass Doctor Home + Business of Charleston and Summerville a call or schedule an appointment online.