Headlight Restoration & Repair

Your vehicle’s headlights experience constant exposure to the worst elements and toughest conditions; it should come as no surprise when they crack, dull or fail. Headlights are an integral part of your vehicle and should always be maintained to increase visibility during the early mornings, nights and foggy weather. When your car, SUV, truck or RV needs new headlights, the Brady, TX auto glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Brady, TX are experts in acrylic headlight repair and replacement.

Picture of foggy headlights before and after

Headlight Lens Restoration System

Harsh Brady, TX weather in the form of rain, snow and sunlight are the prime culprits in the degradation of headlights, though the simple passing of time will also eventually wear them down. While replacement is the only solution to your degraded headlights, the Glass Doctor of Brady, TX Headlight Lens Restoration System can rid your headlights of chips, cracks and discolored buildup that makes them appear foggy.

Our headlight restoration system smoothes pitted surfaces, erases deep scratches and polishes headlights back to its original color for a cheaper repair than a full headlight replacement. In most cases, the auto glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Brady, TX can make the repair while you wait. The Headlight Lens Restoration System is an investment that is safe for you and your vehicle.

The Headlight Lens Restoration System is not limited to only headlights, but also:

  • Aviation windows
  • Marine windows
  • Motorcycle shields
  • Aquariums

If you have any type of acrylic glass in need of repair, contact Glass Doctor of Brady, TX; our auto glass specialists will provide you more information on our Headlight Lens Restoration System.