Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Central Texas

The beauty and functionality of your Brady, TX home contribute to your peace of mind. Glass Doctor® of Brady, TX knows each item in your interior design conveys your individual style and unifies the look that creates your home. Our custom glass tabletops and personalized service delivers distinctive home enhancements that protect, beautify and enrich your surroundings.

Expert Assistance

Our courteous glass professionals possess years of on-the-job experience; we are ready to assist you in developing custom glass tabletops for your specific applications. Our experts offer knowledgeable information concerning the proper thickness, weight and safety features of any piece. During your in-home consultation, we’ll aid you in designing custom glass designs which fulfill your expectations and conform to your personal tastes.

Preservation Solutions

Graphic of different glass edges

Heirloom furniture and similar antiques are worth protecting. Moreover, a careless oversight, such as an accidental ink spill or an ignored glass, often has the power to ruin expensive tables that are intended to last for generations. Custom glass tabletops eliminate that danger by creating a protective barrier that guards the finish on your delicate furniture.

In addition, we offer tinted glass and other color options that prevent fading caused by ultra-violet light filtration. Glass tabletops preserve the beauty of your furniture and our wide selection of options allows you to coordinate to match existing room decor.

Designing Freedom

Use custom glass tabletops to transform the appearance and overall impression of any room. Our extensive design options give your imagination full reign.

Rather than hampering your style with cookie-cutter type home decor, partner with Glass Doctor of Brady, TX in Brady, TX to begin your home or office transformation using custom glass applications.

  • Unlimited size and shape: You aren’t confined by any sizing parameters. Choose free-flowing shapes as well as traditional geometric forms. Our customized service is perfect for one-of-a-kind coffee tables, desks and end tables.
  • Edging, tinting and color options: We provide a variety of distinctive edge designs, as well as tinting, color and etching options that further characterize your custom glass tabletops.
  • Safety features: Specialty glass is required for certain applications, but our experts fully explain the advantages of tempered or laminated glass for preventing hazards to family members.
  • Limitless glass decor options: In addition to custom glass tabletops, our specialists fabricate custom glass shelving, cabinet doors and display areas. We conduct professional bath and kitchen remodeling projects. With up-front pricing and detailed estimates, you never have to worry about additional charges once the work is completed.