Custom Mirrors in Central Texas

Brady, TX businesses and office complexes use custom mirrors for interior design as well as dressing rooms. Homeowners use custom mirrors as beautiful focal points or as backsplashes. No matter where you want to use a custom mirror, Glass Doctor® of Central TX professionals are eager to demonstrate these pieces will enhance your home’s interior design. Citizens of Brady, Mason, San Saba and surrounding areas count on our team to deliver professional custom mirror options.

Custom Mirrors Create Depth & Enhance Space

Any room can appear to be larger and more spacious when you strategically position a custom mirror to reflect walls and lighting. A custom mirror transforms a hallway into an inviting, stylish space that connects rooms. Glass Doctor of Central TX will preserve the historical beauty of your antique frames with mirrors that can be slightly tinted for an age-appropriate appearance or create a beveled mirror that compliments the contours of your room. Some of your custom mirror options are:

  • Mirrored walls that will elongate small hallways and enhance living space
  • Mirrored backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms that are attractive and can be low-maintenance
  • Statement mirrors which are positioned above a room’s focal point, like a fireplace or headboard

Accentuate Decor, Collectibles & Art

Ready-made glass decor is an easy option, but the quality and appearance often compromise a room’s overall style. Glass Doctor of Brady, TX will incorporate your existing art and interior decor into any custom mirror piece using a variety of tints, beveled edges and unique framework cut to your specifications. Decorative mirror ideas include:

  • Add mirrored shelving to add a panoramic view to your display of antiques, art pieces, collectibles and sculptures.
  • Use frameless, hanging mirrors to redirect your room’s lighting to another corner or space for a heightened perspective.
  • No matter what the overall decorating style, a framed custom mirror is a distinctive addition to any room.
  • Desk lamps or other light sources will be enriched with a well-placed custom mirror.

Bathroom & Bedroom Elegance

Bedroom closets and bathroom walls, including exterior walls for shower and tub units, take advantage of natural light and also provide a sophisticated, attractive dressing area. Custom mirrors can be used in a variety of bedroom and bathroom scenarios, and all of them provide form and function:

  • Full-length mirrors and floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls ensure you are dressed for success every day.
  • Framed mirrors can be ornate and bold or understated pieces over your sinks and on bedroom walls.

Safety is Always First

Glass Doctor of Brady, TX has a protective tint for glass and mirrors that not only blocks harmful UV rays, but will also serve as a barrier that holds the pieces together if breakage occurs; another level of protection for your children and pets.

Glass Doctor of Brady, TX will stay within your budget and timeframe when you have a remodeling or new home project in Brady, TX. Call 855-971-6143 or fill out a request form to schedule an on-site walk-through consultation. You’ll be surprised at how mirrors and the right glass can be an affordable, value-added improvement to your property investment.