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Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice glass treatment makes your home easier to clean and keeps your porcelain, glass and tile surfaces looking newer, longer. Since no one likes cleaning or replacing bathroom fixtures, it pays to ask your Glass Doctor of Camden County® representative about a professional application of Clear Choice protectant. The product works on tubs, toilets, counters, glass shower doors, tub enclosures and more.

Choose Clear Choice

Make the most of your investment in bathroom decor and protect your surfaces with Clear Choice. One application of patented Clear Choice glass treatment keeps your home's silica surfaces looking great for up to five years. That also means you can spend less of your valuable time cleaning. This technologically advanced polymer has water-repellant properties that make oil and water slide right off of your surfaces without leaving residue and stains behind. Clear Choice helps limit the buildup of annoying and harmful:

  • Soap scum
  • Germs
  • Mineral deposits
  • Body oils
  • Hard water spots

Clear Choice also renders your bath surfaces scratch-resistant for heightened protection.

Clear Choice Advantages

Once Clear Choice is applied by our glass experts, you have non-stick surfaces for years to come, which results in:

  • A bathroom that sparkles
  • Less work needed for bathroom maintenance
  • Reduced bacterial buildup for better bathroom hygiene
  • Less chance for mold growth in your bathroom
  • Resistance to accidental impact
  • Protection from hard water damage
  • A cleaner bathroom

At Glass Doctor of Camden County, we design, install and repair beautiful glass throughout your home, and we also maintain it with Clear Choice glass treatment. Learn more about what a single application of Clear Choice can do for your household surfaces. Contact Glass Doctor of Camden County for a complimentary at-home consultation today.