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Home appraisers are quick to point out that one of the best investments you can make to add value to your home is a bathroom remodel. Updating a bathroom's counters, flooring, fixtures and glass provides a value increase that is often triple the cost of the renovation. If you're planning renovations to your home's bathroom, new shower doors are a must-have feature. Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Camden County in Pennsauken will help you decide on the right type of shower glass for your home and perform a fast, professional installation.

There are several things that must be considered to ensure the job is done right and the materials are fully compatible with your home's structure. Here are a few of the factors our glass specialists will analyze before beginning the job.

  • Structural Analysis: The first step is to determine the materials used in the room's structural components and their ability to support the weight of the type of shower door you desire. Tempered glass shower doors are heavy and often cannot be supported by a room's current configuration. Determining if your walls are made of drywall or tile, and the location of supporting beams all play a role in deciding what type of tub or shower enclosure is possible in your space.
  • Ventilation Analysis: Although a bathroom's ventilation is not directly related to shower door installation, it's a critical consideration for any bathroom. An improperly ventilated room can lead to serious structural damage as well as health risks caused by mold and mildew. As our specialists assess your home's bathroom, ventilation problems will be considered. If present, we'll brief you on what should be done to correct them, including the option of a steam room ventilation kit for fully tiled enclosures.
  • Shower Head Problems: Another factor leading to mold, mildew and water damage is a defective or improperly installed shower head. A good shower head should direct the flow down, without releasing spray to the sides or towards the door. It's important to be aware of this design attribute when planning your shower installation.
  • Enclosure Measurements:  Glass Doctor Home + Business of Camden County specialists are craftsmen who understand how critical precise measurements are for a properly performed job. Before any work begins, measurements are taken and retaken to prevent any mistakes or delays. Knowing the precise measurements will also allow us to provide you with a more accurate cost estimate for materials.
  • Material Selection: Once the analysis and measurements are complete, it's time for you to select the exact enclosure you want. We'll provide you with portfolios highlighting the various types and styles of glass shower doors and help you decide which is right for your bathroom and budget. 

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If you're ready to redesign your bathroom and add value to your Pennsauken home, contact Glass Doctor Home + Business of Camden County. We'll conduct an assessment and work with you to provide the best glass shower door and tub enclosure options for you.