Advance Measurement System

Disaster can strike a business without warning. For every company, having a disaster recovery plan in place is a smart proactive business move that can be the difference between “business as usual” and bankruptcy. Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Camden County offers our exclusive Advance Measurement system to businesses in Pennsauken and the surrounding communities, as a proactive way to include glass repair and replacement in your company’s disaster recovery plan. 

When you join our Advance Measurement plan, our specialists will visit your facility and measure all of the glass panes in windows, doors and your other glass products like mirrors, desktops and shelves. We record the type of glass needed, location and note any safety code requirements. Then we create a complete numbered diagram of your facility noting the pertinent information for each pane.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Whenever glass breaks, day or night, simply call Glass Doctor Home + Business of Camden County and report the number of the glass needed form your diagram. Our specialists will match the number with our list of panes from our initial visit. If the glass is in stock, we will arrive and replace the broken glass immediately, with no board-up. This complete repair in one visit saves you time, money, offers immediate security and skips a board-up! Plus, when you create your Advanced Measurement account, you can pre-establish credit and contact information which will speed up the replacement process.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

If you have panes that break frequently, Glass Doctor Home + Business of Camden County offers a pre-order service. We’ll pre-order your panes and keep them in–stock and ready to go, whenever you need it. Our In-Stock program is just one of the many benefits of becoming a member of our Advance Measurement plan. Other benefits include:

  • Cost-Savings: Complete installation in just one visit
  • Convenience: Enjoy continuous business with no interruption to daily business transactions during an emergency
  • Liability: Quick cleanup reduces the risk of customer or employee injury
  • Security: Prevent further risk of vandalism or theft
  • Expedience: Reduce unnecessary board-ups and repeat visits
  • Curb Appeal: Keeps your building looking its best
  • Credit: Pre-establishing your credit eliminates billing issues

Be proactive. Have a plan to protect your business before disaster strikes. If your business is in Pennsauken or the surrounding communities, call Glass Doctor Home + Business of Camden County and schedule your advance measurement inspections today!