Window Repair & Replacement

Dealing with glass damage to your home's windows is simple and convenient when you call Glass Doctor® of Cadillac, MI. When you're in need of home window repair or window replacement, you need to have the job completed according to industry best practices. Of course, you also have to work appointment times into your busy schedules. Glass Doctor of Cadillac, MI, offers accommodating window repair services and pricing that are professionally finished and fairly priced.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

Damaged windows can cause security risks. Homeowners want to get repair work completed as quickly as possible to keep your family safe. At Glass Doctor of Cadillac, MI, we understand the importance of making your home secure again immediately after window damage has occurred. We schedule appointments right away in emergency cases. We also reestablish home security by boarding up windows if it's necessary to order parts before a repair job can be completed.

Double Pane Window Repair

Window damage doesn't just consist of chips or cracks. A double pane window can also become damaged and begin to malfunction if there is seal stress. Seal stress caused by a broken window seal often allows condensation to be seen in a window. This detracts from window appearance and efficiency. Condensation can also make mold or mildew growth a problem. Glass Doctor of Cadillac, MI, specialists find the appropriate solution to seal stress issues, typically replacing the affected panes or the whole window if necessary.

Specialty Glass Repair

Not all glass repair jobs are the same. Even if your home window repair job requires familiarity with unique glass installations, we are qualified to take the assignment. Our specialists repair not only glass damage to windows, but also damage to doors, mirrors, cabinets, tabletops and more.

Window Replacement

When an entire window needs to be replaced, Glass Doctor specialists help homeowners to pick out an appropriate window. We offer many different options, such as insulated glass units (IGUs) or multi-pane windows.


Homeowners who are interested in upgrading their windows to units with extra efficiency or other special features can call on Glass Doctor of Cadillac, MI, for assistance. Among the possible upgrades that increase window efficiency are low-emissivity panes or IGUs. Such upgrades not only conserve energy in a home, but they also often help control noise penetrating the interior of a home. Window upgrades usually increase the value of a property, making them a smart investment.

Additional Glass Services

Hydrophobic Glass Protectant

Using a glass protectant on your windows can improve appearances by preventing stains, scratches and marks left by pollutants and mineral deposits. The hydrophobic coating glass protectant our team uses protects more than just windows; it can also be used to protect materials like porcelain and granite.


Windows that are tinted keep harmful UVA and UVB rays out of a home. This can protect both the residents and the furnishings of a home from the damaging effects of the sun's rays.

Window Component Repair

Various window components can become damaged and detract from functionality. For example, damage to a window's locking mechanisms can make opening and closing the window difficult. Our specialists undertake component repair jobs on parts like latches, locks, and balances.

Gain the Advantage

Glass Doctor features a special Advantage Plan® that gives members special perks like discounts, scheduling advantages and free inspections.

For experienced specialists you can depend on for the best possible service, contact Glass Doctor of Cadillac, MI, to have your windows serviced professionally.