Double Pane Windows

Michigan homes typically experience serious annual weather extremes, subjecting occupants to a wide range of indoor temperature changes. These varying indoor temperatures are normally handled by the use of a heating system in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer. Your windows, however, are the number one source of temperature exchanges in the home. The windows are also the major avenues of outside noise pollution entering your domain.

At Glass Doctor® of Cadillac, we recommend any homeowner whose house has single pane glass to upgrade to the preferred double pane insulated glass units (IGUs). Substituting IGUs for less-efficient single pane windows will help you balance your indoor climate and comfort level. Even if you already have double pane windows, a replacement may be necessary if any of your units have begun leaking. A leaking double pane window will usually have a milky-white appearance or visible water condensation between the glass layers.

Installing Insulated Glass

double pane window

The most immediate and obvious benefit of installing IGUs is an increased comfort level in your home. This will be noticed by not feeling cold drafts by the windows in winter. If you're living near a noise source like a highway you immediately will hear less noise after your windows have been insulated.

Insulated glass windows consist of one or more glass panes separated by insulated spacers. What gives IGUs their insulating capability is the sealed space between the panes. Sometimes this sealed space has an inert gas like krypton or argon added to fill the void. This addition increases the noise and temperature insulating factors. When IGUs begin to leak it's usually because of a faulty seal; this requires a window repair. Without an airtight seal, an insulated window has lost its insulating ability.

When working properly, IGUs not only increase comfort but save energy dollars too. By slowing the exchange of temperatures through your home’s windows, you should find less need to provide so much heated or air-conditioned air to regulate your indoor climate.

Insulated Glass Window Replacement

Glass Doctor of Cadillac manufactures IGUs with quality, insulated spaced and seals them with high-quality adhesives. The expansion and contraction of the spacer and seal, when subjected to temperature extremes, can be significant. This can cause the seal to fail and allow moisture to condense within the voided air space.

At Glass Doctor of Cadillac, we specialize in double pane window replacement and can often do the job for a more affordable price than you think. Rather than replacing the entire window, we can sometimes use the existing window frame and grid and replace just the glass unit. We utilize only the highest quality materials and most advanced techniques for our IGU replacements.

Schedule an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Cadillac today to increase your home’s comfort level and decrease noise pollution!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.