Door Closer Repair Service

Give your customers great service the moment they walk into your business with a door that works well. Doors that open with ease are like invitations to your business, and are the first step to making visitors feel welcome. When you only have seconds to make a good first impression, the door closer repair and maintenance services from Glass Doctor® of Cadillac makes them count.

What Door Closer Do

Door closers are devices at the top of a door that allow individuals to open heavier commercial entrances. When a user lets go of the door, the closer returns it to the frame. Upon opening a door, a user will feel a bit of resistance to give them an idea of the door's weight. The door will them slide open. Upon letting go of the door, the mechanisms within the door closer moves the arm connected to the door, so it closes gently.

Signs You Need Professional Door Closer Repair

The experts at Glass Doctor of Cadillac receive comprehensive training in how to install, maintain and repair door closers. We use appropriately rated hardware and best practices to maximize a door closer's life and keep it in good working condition. Trust our team to tackle every type of door closer issue.

Wrong door closer type: The best type of door closer for your door depends on the door's weight. Using the wrong door closer makes a door unsafe to use and might damage the door or the closer.

Improper installations and adjustments: Only a trained specialist should install, maintain and repair a door closer, as well as adjust its springs. Professional installations prevent:

  • Misalignments
  • Damage to the doorframe
  • Injuries
  • Unexpected door movements
  • Energy losses
  • Door closer repair
  • Doors feeling too heavy to open

Broken seals and lubricant losses: When you see a clearance gap in a door closer, its seal is broken. This could lead to lubricant leaks and hardware damage. Lubricant leaks are also a sign of mechanical problems, such as broken O-rings or missing screws. Always hire a professional to repair and lubricate a door closer and to keep a door from opening too fast, which can injure a user or damage the door.

Locking difficulties: When a door is difficult to lock, there might be a problem with the door closer. Schedule a door closer repair to prevent damage to the locking mechanism, doorframe and closer.

Professional Door Closer Repair and Maintenance

Call the specialists at Glass Doctor of Cadillac to complete maintenance and repairs on your door closer, especially if the device is under warranty. Doing the work yourself or having an employee take care of it might void the warranty. Our commercial door closer repair and maintenance solutions are the ideal way to ensure your door is safe to open and the components remain in good repair. Specialists also complete glass repairs and fix doorframes, thresholds, hinges, and window and door hardware. Get in touch with Glass Doctor of Cadillac to schedule an on-site consultation and learn more about our door closer repair solutions.