Custom Mirrors

Get a refreshed, modern look for your home with a custom mirror project from the experts at Glass Doctor® of Cadillac. A custom mirror fits perfectly with any decor scheme, and will provide your home with a look that stands out from the ordinary. Plus, mirrors add light and definition to any space and will transform your rooms into bright, airy spaces.

Custom Mirrors Enhance Every Space

The Solution for Cramped Spaces

Strategically placing a custom mirror in a tight, cramped room is the perfect way to make it seem more open and inviting. Try a mirrored wall opposite the entryway to expand the boundaries of the entire room. Or, try a framed statement mirror that will not only accentuate the architecture of a unique space, but also add brightness and a feeling of expansion that will make your guests feel more comfortable.

A Bright Idea

Natural light is the best way to illuminate a room. Not only is it free and energy-efficient, but most people simply feel better in a room bathed in natural light. If your spaces don't have a lot of mirrors, or have too many awkward, dark corners, use a custom mirror to reflect natural light to these dimmer spots.

Shave a few bucks off your annual lighting bill by placing beautiful framed mirrors above your table and desk lamps. They will instantly reflect light to the entire room and reduce the need for artificial light to brighten your living areas.

A Beautiful Touch

Glass Doctor of Cadillac offers a full line of tints, edging and finishing options to create a custom mirror that is just right for you. Use tiled mirrors to decorate a wall without detracting from large art pieces or other focal points in your room. Or, try framed mirrors for spaces you would prefer a clean, neutral appearance such as a guest bedroom or office.

To showcase your favorite art, try hanging mirrors opposite or adjacent to them to provide visitors with a unique view of your most prized possessions. Or, try a mirrored shelving unit to display knick-knacks or other small objects to offer a 360-degree view without having to pick up delicate keepsakes.

Function over Form

In some cases, you simply want a mirror in your rooms so you are able to see yourself! But that doesn't mean that your functional mirrors cannot be beautiful and add to the overall appearance of your rooms. Try a full-length mirror on a bedroom or closet door to make sure you're dressed to impress, or hang a framed mirror next to your front door to make sure you look your best before heading out for the day.

Schedule a Consultation

Every custom glass project from Glass Doctor of Cadillac begins with an on-site consultation in your home. We'll travel to you and bring everything you need to make the right decision for your project. To learn more about custom mirrors for your home, call or schedule an appointment online today!