Security Film

The storefront glass provides a protective barrier for your employees and customers against the elements. Of course, glass windows also add to the aesthetics of your business, help control energy exchange and provide a safeguard against vandalism. Adding tinted security film from Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Boulder reinforces pane strength to reduce vulnerability.

Protect your Property

A strong defense is the best deterrent against theft and vandalism, which makes security film an excellent long-term investment for your building. Once your windows are protected by tinted security film, they will delay any thieves attempting to access your property. Window film from Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Boulder has several additional security benefits:

  • Improved protection from hazardous shards of glass in the event of a broken or shattered window
  • Enhanced privacy control, especially in vulnerable areas, with darker tinting
  • Reduced replacement costs from graffiti damage because the film guards any pane damage

Improve Comfort and Productivity

Security film enhances the comfort of anyone who enters your place of business, whether it's a retail store, dining establishment or office. While allowing natural sunlight to pass through the pane, this tinted coating reduces computer glare inside your home and makes using a smart phone or tablet much easier. As an added benefit, window tinting reduces the heat gain from sunlight on your windows, making it easier to keep your business cool and comfortable. This can really cut down your air conditioning costs, as well.

We also offer sunlight redirecting film, which puts the natural light to better use in your establishment. Reducing the need for artificial lighting has been shown to benefit employee morale and productivity, as well as positively affecting the mood of your customers. Plus, the reduced need for artificial lighting adds up to a smaller electricity bill.

Enhance Your Storefront

Thanks to advances in window film technology, you don't have to sacrifice appearance to make your window glass more secure. Be sure to ask our specialists about decorative window tinting. We can custom design security film that matches the personality and ambiance of your business.

Contact Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Boulder today to learn more about how window tinting and security film enhance your place of business. Our team of glass experts is committed to bringing out the best in local businesses throughout the Boulder, Longmont and Broomfield areas.