Advance Measurement System

A disaster recovery plan enables your business to handle and recover from emergency situations that have the potential to disrupt your company’s normal activities and operations like broken or cracked window panes. At Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Boulder, we offer Boulder County businesses a proactive glass care program that ensures employee and location safety. With our skilled technicians available 24/7 we promise to get you back in business as quickly as possible. Whether your business suffers glass damage caused by forces of nature or human error, our Advance Measurement system is the perfect way to prepare for disaster.

Choose to Prepare

An advance plan for comprehensive emergency glass repair or replacement is a smart business decision. Our Advance Measurement System offers three great benefits:

  • Our specialists will perform all repair and replacement work in one trip, so your business saves time and money.
  • With our quick repair, replacement or board-up services, and 24/7 emergency availability your business is protected from vandalism and theft and your location’s security is preserved. 
  • The physical appearance of your business is returned to normal in an efficient and professional manner.

The Advance Measurement Process

Our proactive glass care process begins with a specific set of procedures:

  • Our highly-trained team of specialists complete a survey of your Boulder, Longmont or Broomfield facility and take measurements of every type of glass in your building.
  • A detailed accounting and diagram of your building is produced, noting the specific locations, types, sizes, and shapes of glass panes required. Each pane is then given an identifying number.
  • All safety code requirements are noted.

When glass damage occurs, you simply call us with the referenced number. One or more of our glass experts will then promptly arrive to replace the broken panes as needed at any time of night. If the replacement pane is not in stock, our team will install a temporary board-up and return to finish the job as soon as possible. In the majority of cases, however, repair or replacement work is done in the first trip.

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder In-Stock Program

If your business suffers frequent glass breakage, Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder offers an In-Stock program that ensures your replacement panes are always in stock and available for installation. For an added layer of protection, be sure to ask one of our experts about our laminated glass options.

Proactive Glass Care

To learn more about the Advance Measurement program at Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder and how it can become an important part of your proactive glass care plan, schedule an appointment with us today! We look forward to serving all your business glass needs.