Industry Glass Solutions

At Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder, our expertise isn't limited to custom home decor. We also provide our fellow local businesses with custom glass solutions that keep their properties safe, attractive and efficient. If you do business in Boulder, learn more about the services and products we offer to meet your specific needs.

Commercial Glass Care in Boulder

Apartments and Condominiums

If you own or manage a property with multiple residential units, your tenants depend on you to keep their homes safe and attractive. Our custom glass solutions will make that task easier. We'll install shatterproof safety glass in individual units and public spaces, such as pools and workout areas, to prevent injuries and property damage in case of accidents or inclement weather. We also offer custom home decor options, including mirrors with unique finishes and frames, which will give you an edge over competitors.

apartment windows


Make it easier for your restaurant staff to serve customers and meet important health codes. Our commercial glass solutions include custom sneeze guards and glass partitions, which keep your dining areas hygienic and attractive. If you ask us to add a layer of our hydrophobic coating glass protectant, these glass surfaces will also resist water and scratches for up to five years. With our help, you can minimize cleaning costs and make sure diners leave with a good impression.

Schools and Universities

Boulder's schools and universities are among the best in the country, and our glass services help them stay on top. It's important to fill classrooms with natural light, but our UV-resistant tints also allow you to protect their privacy and minimize heat gain and glares as they learn. We even install specialty glass surfaces that reduce fire hazards and other risks in science classrooms or research laboratories.


Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder understands the importance of first impressions and uninterrupted service in the retail industry. That's why our overnight emergency services include storefront glass repairs. We entice customers into your shop with beautiful statement storefronts and glass doors etched with logos, names, operating hours, and more. We'll even retrofit your windows with bulletproof and weather-resistant glass, which shows off your inventory without exposing it to expensive risks.

Hotels and Motels

Boulder's beautiful landscapes and unique culture attract tourists all year long, and these visitors want an attractive and relaxing place to stay while they're here. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder will work with you to upgrade and maintain your hotel, motel, lodge or resort. Treat guests to breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains through durable floor-to-ceiling windows, and upgrade their rooms with custom tub enclosures that turn bathrooms into luxurious retreats. Our specialists will make sure your hospitality stands out.

Cities and Municipalities

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder offers custom glass solutions that make it easier for government agencies to serve their communities and protect their properties. Our specialists are available to provide repairs, replacements, and custom installations for the City of Boulder, as well as the cities and municipalities that surround it.

We'll retrofit your government facility with energy-efficient windows, which lower your energy costs and maintenance needs while setting a green example for taxpayers. We also install new glass to help you update and protect your public spaces, including door glass for sliding and swinging doors. If you're planning a government construction or renovation project, contact us to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation.

No matter the business, count on Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder to deliver quality care. Schedule your shop’s consultation today!