Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Glass tabletops can be as simple as you desire or as bold as you dare. Elect to work with Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder to create the glass table you desire. Custom tabletops made of glass are the ultimate in form and function. Use glass over an existing tabletop to give it added protection against spills and heat. Or, simply use a made-to-measure pane of glass as a tabletop to give a space a more open, upscale feel. When you order a custom glass tabletop through Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder, our services include design assistance from a glass specialist who will ensure your bespoke creation is beautiful and safe.

Designing Custom Glass Tabletops

When you contact Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder about designing a custom tabletop, you will receive a comprehensive in-home consultation. During our visit, a specialist reviews the variety of customization options available and takes expert measurements. Based on where you want to use the table, the specialist will review the best types of glass to use and safety considerations. We offer tempered and laminated glass for outdoor furniture.

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder can add glass to existing and new tables, as well as unique items that you want to convert into a table. Ideas include adding a glass top to:

  • End tables
  • Dining tables
  • Nightstands
  • Wine barrel converted into an outdoor table
  • Desks

Options for Custom Glass Tabletops

The 14 different edge profiles for glass

The variety of customization options at Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder will truly make your tabletop a unique piece. Unlike retailers, glass specialists can cut the glass to almost any shape and add your favorite edge profile. Inject your personality further by adding a tint or pattern that matches your decor.

Custom Glass Shelves

A great complement to glass tabletops, custom glass shelves add storage without the bulky look of traditional shelves or bookcases, making them a gorgeous and versatile addition to any room. Use glass shelves in a dining room, for instance, to display your favorite pieces of china. In a shower, corner glass shelves take the place of unattractive shower caddies. Customize your shelves with your preferred tint, edge profile and decorative touches.

As you design the bespoke pieces, a specialist from Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder will ensure the shelves meet your aesthetic, safety and storage needs. Considerations for glass shelves include:

  • Shape: Pentagonal and triangular shapes are good for corner shelves. Rectangular and square glass shelves are best along walls.
  • Spacing: Give yourself room to grow while minimizing wasted space.

Custom glass tabletops and glass shelves coordinate well with any decorative style and are the perfect way to give your home the attractive elements that it deserves. Contact Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder to schedule a comprehensive on-site consultation with one of our glass experts.