Door Closer Repair Service

As a business owner, you depend on door closers to work properly. They ensure that your doors will open and close smoothly, with a small amount of force, allowing customers to enter and exit your premises easily. Properly installed and maintained door closers also allow your doors to shut and lock securely, keeping your merchandise, employees, customers and premises safe. Trust Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder to provide the professional door closer care services you need to keep your business operating without issue.

How Door Closers Work

Door closers make a door easy to open and close. The user should feel some resistance as he or she opens the door. This enables the door to open smoothly without too much effort and without abruptly flying open. A properly sized and weighted spring allows the door to glide smoothly shut after the user stops pushing.

Door Closer Repair

Any issues within the mechanism will cause the door to malfunction. The Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder team will restore your door closer, so it operates smoothly. A variety of issues could cause problems:

Incorrect types of door closers: The type of spring in a door's closer varies according to the weight and size of the door. If your door has the wrong size spring in its closer, it could become misaligned or even injure the user if it opens too quickly or slams shut.

Improperly installed and adjusted door closers: Our specialists have the tools, training, and expertise needed to ensure your doors have the right closers. We will keep them well maintained. Regular maintenance will alleviate these problems:

  • Door frame damage
  • Abnormal, unexpected door movements that could cause injury or damage
  • Misalignments that could make the door hard to open or close properly
  • Seal repairs to help your climate-controlled air stay inside and avoid hardware issues and oil leaks
  • Hardware issues such as a missing screw or broken O-ring
  • Low oil levels, which may prevent a door from opening and closing smoothly and cause injury to the user or damage to the door

Difficult to lock door: A door that's hard to lock puts the safety of your employees and customers at risk and makes your premises vulnerable to break-ins. It also may cause problems with other parts of the door, such as the frame and closer.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Attempting to fix your door closer yourself or having an unqualified handyman work on it could void your door closer's warranty. Our specialists have the expertise needed to install, maintain and repair your door closers. Our door closer care services program ensures that your doors will operate smoothly and safely, and we also have the knowledge needed to fix door frames, hardware, glass, and other problems.

Contact Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder today to learn more about how our door closer care services keep your business operating safely and securely.