Custom Mirrors

Install custom mirrors to enjoy a comfortable, elegant interior. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder enhances home or office spaces with one-of-a-kind mirrors, made to impress friends, family, and visitors. Our glass experts offer endless style options, guaranteed to meet the needs of your unique taste.

Enhance Depth and Lighting

Open up your home or office with strategically placed mirrors. The perfect placement enhances natural or artificial lighting while reflecting surrounding angles and cherished decor. Consider popular mirror choices for your home or office:

  • Mirrored walls: Make any room or hallway inviting
  • Mirrored backsplashes: Create depth in your kitchen
  • Statement mirrors: Display unique pieces over a mantle or headboard

Accentuate Art and Home Decor

Complement existing home decor with a personalized custom mirror arrangement. Coordinating mirrors reflect your favorite antiques, heirlooms, and artworks. Also, Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder offers a wide range of tint and edgework options. Add a frame for the perfect finishing touch. Decorative mirror options suit almost any space:

  • Mirrored shelving: Present art and collectibles in one, flawless panorama.
  • Hanging mirrors: Direct natural light to accentuate your favorite possessions.
  • Framed mirrors: Match framed artworks and achievements. Framed mirrors add intrigue to surrounding home decor.

Enhance Natural and Artificial Light

Install mirrored tabletops or hanging mirrors to improve lighting conditions throughout your home. Custom mirror arrangements remain an affordable solution to small, dimly lit rooms and hallways. Illuminate your home using:

  • Bedroom mirrors: Reflect natural and artificial light from windows and ceiling lights.
  • Mounted mirrors: Combine with desk lamps and other artificial lights to increase illumination.

Mirrors for any Occasion

Our experienced glass specialists cut custom dimensions, finished and framed to your exact specifications. Gain superior glass installations and expertise today. Serving Longmont, Broomfield, and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor Home + Business of Boulder transforms your interior with bespoke mirror designs. Call 702-943-1143 or complete an online order request form to contact our team directly. We’ll schedule an in-home assessment to complete accurate measurement and offer sound glass care advice.