Industry Glass Services for Boise's Commercial Businesses

Glass Doctor® of Southwest Idaho serves more than individuals. Our team of glass specialists performs repairs, replacements, remodels, maintenance and emergency services for businesses in Boise and surrounding areas. From windows and doors to glass decor and custom glass solutions, we work with all types of commercial establishments.

Commercial Care Program

There are more glass components in a business than many people realize. If you foresee the need for our services on a regular basis, our Commercial Care program is a beneficial investment. You’ll receive:

  • Commercial account setup
  • Membership pricing
  • 15% discount on auto glass jobs called in by the property
  • Priority after-hours response and emergency board-up services
  • Our team available to you around the clock

apartment windows

Business Glass Services

Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho is experienced in dealing with all types of commercial glass needs. Expect knowledge and professionalism from our team of glass specialists. Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho can repair, replace, retrofit, install and upgrade the glass in your facility. Consider the glass found in your establishment:

Apartments and Condominiums: Windows, patio or sliding glass doors, shower enclosures, mirrors

Athletic Clubs and Recreational Facilities: Pool safety areas, showers, locker room glass, windows, doors

Cities and Municipalities: Doors, entryways, windows, security glass, closers

Educational Institutions: Display cases, doors, windows, locker room glass, one-way observation glass, glass tabletops, mirrors

Retail: Display cases, windows, doors, dressing room mirrors, glass shelving

Restaurants: Partitions, windbreaks, doors, windows, drive-through windows, atriums, sneeze guards, mirrors

Vacation Properties: Mirrors, windows, shower enclosures, sliding glass doors, safety glass

Custom Solutions

Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho can customize any glass project. Choose finishes, select a size and pick your glass type to enjoy highly specialized glass pieces. Our services cover almost any type of glass solution whether it’s a new or existing design. Contact us for:

  • Tints, stains, glazing, bevels, edging, etching
  • Safety backing
  • Fire-resistant, bullet-proof and safety glass
  • Energy-efficient and low-maintenance glass
  • Shower doors including frame, frameless, heavy and bypass
  • Glass garage doors
  • Decorative glass

If you’re ready to get work with us on your glass business projects, contact us today. Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho works with your commercial business to provide ongoing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll be there to make sure your business needs are met, and that you never have to suffer from broken panes again.