Double Pane Windows Protect Your Home

What are Double Pane Windows Used For?

Extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on your home's windows over time and create costly drafts. Windows are the main source of temperature exchange in your home and if they aren't working properly, not only will you be wasting money on utility bills, but you will also have to put up with internal temperatures that are hard to regulate and leave the whole family feeling uncomfortable.

Glass Doctor® of Southwest Idaho has the perfect solution that will allow you to enjoy constant temperatures in your home year-round. Our selection of insulated glass units (IGUs) is specially designed to keep warm air inside during the winter and keep temperatures cool in the summer. Unfortunately, even these high-quality windows can wear down over time. If your existing IGUs are starting to show signs of condensation or a milky appearance, then it is time to call Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho for our double pane window services.

How Can Double Pane Windows Benefit Me?

Installing insulated glass throughout your Boise home is a simple way to prevent unwanted heat and cold from penetrating into your home. During the winter months, cold air can seep in through broken window seals. However, with our innovative IGU sealant system, you don't have to worry about cold drafts of air. When summer hits, IGUs will reflect heat away from your house, making it easier to maintain a constant indoor temperature. Your heating and cooling systems won't have to work as hard, which means that you will save money on utility bills. In addition, your furnace and air conditioner will last longer and experience less wear and tear.

Replacing your windows and investing in double pane windows will also reduce noise pollution in your home. Even if you live next to a busy street or in the middle of a bustling neighborhood, you can enjoy peace and quiet while relaxing indoors. The insulated design of our double pane windows blocks heating and cooling from entering or escaping your home and provides enough of a barrier to capture and muffle sound. There is no need to worry about road noise or rambunctious neighbors. With Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho products, your Boise home can be turned into even more of a relaxing and welcoming sanctuary.

How Is Insulated Glass Made?

Every insulated glass window is constructed of at least two panes of glass that are separated by a glass spacer that acts as a sealant. This space is filled with innovative materials that are designed to absorb moisture and create a secure seal that will resist heat transmittance. A desiccant and warm-edge glass space, also known as a super spacer, are commonly used to fill the gap between panes.

In order to secure the entire window unit, the outer edge is sealed with an industrial strength sealant that will prevent condensation from forming. Specific units even include additional argon and krypton gas for maximum performance.

How Can I Book an Appointment to Install Double Pane Windows?

At Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho, we specialize in a wide variety of glass projects including double pane window replacement. If you have noticed condensation or a milky appearance gathering in your windows, give us a call today. Our glass specialist will place insulated glass in your home's current window frames.

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