Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Boise, ID

The Glass Doctor® of Southwest Idaho Advance Measurement system allows you to include glass repair and replacement services in your Boise business disaster recovery plan. Our glass specialists will evaluate the facility and take measurements for the glass in all of the windows, doors and other glass products. The specialist will document the type of glass required and make note of any safety glass code regulations. Finally, you will receive a facility diagram with numbered locations for each pane of glass.

Faster Emergency Repairs

With an up to date glass diagram for your Boise company, glass repair and replacement has never been simpler. When you find yourself facing glass breakage, simply call Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho and report the damage, using the numbered diagram. If we have the glass in stock, we replace the window immediately in a single installation, saving you time and money along with stress. Additionally, when you create an Advance Measurement plan with Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho, you can pre-establish credit and contact information, which makes the process go even faster and eliminates the risk of potential billing conflicts.

The Glass Doctor Difference for Boise Companies

Choosing Advanced Measurement reduces the incidence of a boarded up window. In turn, you minimize the risk of customer injuries, further exposure to theft and vandalism, and a desirable retail or office building aesthetic. When Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho can get the entire repair or replacement job completed in one trip, you can go about your daily business tasks with very little interruption.

You never know when your Boise business will be subject to a natural disaster or a random act of violence. The best way to keep your building protected is to set up safety measures before the damage occurs. Get the protection that you need so that you can have a peace of mind about your company. Call 208-957-5326 to schedule an advance measurement inspection with a Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho specialist today.