Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Create the ambiance you are searching for in your home with glass tabletops and custom glass shelving from Glass Doctor® of Southwest Idaho. Our professional glass specialists offer a wide variety of custom glass solutions for residents of Boise and the surrounding areas to improve and enhance their homes. 

Schedule an Expert On-Site Consultation

Contact Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho today and schedule an on-site customized consultation. Our professional and courteous glass specialist will assist you in choosing the right edgework detailing, glass thickness, custom features and tinting in order to best suit your glass tabletop or custom glass shelving needs.

Custom Glass Tabletops 

Whether you are interested in creating unique glass tabletops to bolster your home's decor or you would like to protect your existing tabletops with an overlay, our specialists are able to help. Glass tabletops make cleaning a breeze and easily conform to any decor. Custom glass tabletops are an excellent solution for:

  • Kitchen or dining room tables
  • Living room coffee tables and accent tables
  • Desks and writing tables
  • Antique furniture

Residents of Boise and the surrounding areas will appreciate the wide variety of custom glass tabletop options available at Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho. Choose from custom shapes, sizes and finishes to make your furnishings a reflection of your own unique tastes.

Custom Glass Shelving

Graphic of different glass edges

Enhance the beauty, character and functionality of your Boise home with custom glass shelving solutions from Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho. Unlike pre-constructed shelving options that often leave you wishing for something more, custom glass shelving is designed with your unique needs in mind. Ask our specialists to create shelves for a display case to show off your greatest accomplishments. Or request shelf installation for bathroom additions to complement the small space. Custom glass shelving offers a wide variety of benefits and options including:

  • Unique style and design to augment your home's decor
  • Custom configuration to help reduce wasted space and improve functionality
  • Variety of glass thicknesses and types, custom tinting and protective coating options designed specifically for you

Protect Your Family and Your Furnishings

Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho offers an abundance of safety options to help you protect your family as well as your home furnishings. Ask about:

  • Tinted glass to help protect carpeting, upholstery, draperies and more from damaging UV rays
  • Specialty glass for your outdoor patio tables and poolside accessories
  • Safety glass including bother tempered glass and laminated glass to help protect children and pets from glass breakage
  • Decorative glass to protect tabletops and shelving from wear and tear

Contact the specialists at Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho today and learn how we can help you intensify the beauty and functionality of your home with a touch of glass.