Reliable Commercial Door Closer Service

woman, man and glass specialists standing together and reviewing the door closer repair service on an iPad that the glass specialist is holding


Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho installs, maintains and services door closers because we know how important they are for your business.

Door closers are an important part of making any business safe and secure. They're easy to ignore until they cause an issue. Still, if they're not working correctly, they could injure customers, make your premises vulnerable to break-ins and weather damage, and ruin other door components. That's why Glass Doctor® of Southwest Idaho offers commercial door closer repair and maintenance services. We know your doors need to create a good first impression while keeping your premises, employees, and customers safe.

How Do Door Closers Work?

Door closers allow users to feel a slight resistance as they push the door open. This subtly lets users know how hard they need to push, and the door should smoothly open with a small amount of force. After the user stops applying force, the door should smoothly glide shut on its own.

The Door Closer Repair Process

No matter your business, your entryway faces constant use, so door upkeep is of the utmost importance. These are some of the most common issues that could ruin your door closer:

  • Incorrect types of closers: In order to operate smoothly and safely, doors need the correct type of closer. If the door is heavy or wide, it will require a door closer with a strong spring to control it. The wrong type of closer poses a risk to the person using it because the door could suddenly close too quickly. It also damages the closer or the door itself.
  • Improperly installed and adjusted closers: Our commercial door closer repair and installation specialists have the training, tools, and expertise needed to ensure that you have the right door closers and that they stay in good operating condition. Proper installation and maintenance guards against misalignments and damage, as well as your door opening or closing too quickly.
  • Seal repairs and low oil levels: Broken seals make your doors less energy efficient and may lead to damaged hardware and oil leaks. Trust our specialists to check the oil regularly, because a low level may cause the door to open or close too quickly, creating a hazard for the user and possible damage to the door.
  • Difficult to lock doors: A door that doesn't lock easily and smoothly poses a security risk to your employees, customers, merchandise, and premises. The malfunctioning lock also affects other parts of the door, such as the frame.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Trying to fix the door yourself or hiring an unqualified person to attempt a repair is often a costly mistake. Doing this void any warranty that still exists on the door closer and makes the door more likely to operate in an unsafe manner. Trust our team to resolve every issue.

To find out more about commercial door closer repair, maintenance, and installation services in Boise, Ogden, and Pocatello contact the service professionals at Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho today and to schedule an appointment. We'll respond to your business at your convenience to discuss your needs.