Custom Mirrors

When you incorporate reflective glass into your home’s architecture and interior design, you also have the chance to reflect your light sources, personality, carefully curated decor and more.

At Glass Doctor® of Southwest Idaho, we customize glass mirrors for Boise homeowners and other local property owners who desire unique interiors. Our glass specialists will design, cut, finish and install any mirrored surface to help you and your family reap the rewards.

Add the illusion of extra space

Work some magic in your cramped quarters with the visual trickery of mirrors. The reflections of walls, ceilings, windows and light sources will create the appearance of whole rooms behind a blank wall. Framed or tiled mirrors also serve as decorative portals, briefly opening a small or dark space.

Tap into the spacious benefits of the custom mirrors:

  • Mirrored backsplash: adds illusion of depth to kitchen counters
  • Mirrored wall: makes a tiny hallway look twice as long
  • Framed mirror above a fireplace or propped atop the mantle: makes a living room seem bigger, extends the fireplace with matching framework

Complement your artwork and decor

Our custom mirrors are works of art, but when they’re not stealing the show, they enhance the artwork and decor you already have on display. Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho will match your overall aesthetic with specific edges, tints, finishes and frames.

Consider these decorative mirrors:

  • Hanging mirrors: reflect additional light onto your canvas masterpieces
  • Mirrored shelves and walls: give 360-degree views of your stationary sculptures and keepsakes
  • Framed mirrors: break up a wall of staggered, framed photos 

Maximize your indoor light flow

In rooms that are short on windows, hanging mirrors and mirrored surfaces will spread natural light throughout the space. Mirrors also work together with your light fixtures to increase artificial light flow without increasing extra electricity.

Make the most of your light sources with mirror installations:  

  • Mounted mirrors and back plates: double the brightness of mounted lanterns, swing arm lamps and table lamps
  • Bedroom mirrors: strategically placed mirrors increase natural and artificial light

Get ready in style

Full-length mirrors are commonplace in closets, bedrooms and entryways because they give us head-to-toe views of the way we look. Elevate your vanity mirror game with custom pieces that are measured, framed and finished to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room.

Make your daily inspections even easier with the following functional mirrors:

  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: assess your ensembles in a closet or entryway
  • Framed dressing mirrors: give small bathrooms an antique powder room look

Schedule an in-home consultation with our glass experts in Boise by calling us at (208) 957-5326. We'll send a specialist your way to take measurements, share samples, explain our customization options and learn more about your specific tastes.

If you trust Glass Doctor of Southwest Idaho to create and install your mirrors, we’ll work together to make sure each piece is the perfect fit for you.