Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

A bathroom is more than a room where you find a few moments of privacy. It’s a retreat that should offer an escape from the world, even if it’s just for a few minutes. With a few simple updates, like a new shower door, you can turn your bathroom into the sanctuary you deserve. Whether you want to upgrade your bathtub or build a custom shower enclosure, Glass Doctor® of Birmingham is ready to help you create a magazine-worthy space.  

A successful bathroom remodel, regardless of the project’s size, begins with thoughtful planning. When you work with Glass Doctor of Birmingham, a glass specialist will meet with you to learn about your needs and help you with design ideas. The specialist will also guide you through the installation process and teach you how to maintain the new look of your shower.

As you plan the design for your new tub enclosure or upgraded shower, our glass specialist will review the following considerations with you:

  • The bathroom’s construction materials: The type of shower door or enclosure that you can choose depends on the type of material on your bathroom’s walls and the location of the supporting studs. Knowing this information helps you know how much weight the walls can support.
  • Expert measurements: A specialist from Glass Doctor of Birmingham will measure to get the exact dimensions of your bathroom. This step ensures a more accurate project estimate and helps save time.
  • Sufficient ventilation: A hot, steamy shower is only good when the bathroom’s ventilation system properly eliminates the moisture and prevents harmful mold growth. If your bathroom needs extra ventilation and is fully tiled, Glass Doctor will be more than happy to install a glass steam room kit. Otherwise, Glass Doctor of Birmingham will provide expert ventilation checks to inspect the amount of ventilation that your shower allows to prevent the buildup of mold and moisture in your drywall.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

It doesn’t take much to give a bathroom a facelift. To help you gather design ideas, take a look at some of our projects and learn more about Glass Doctor of Birmingham’s process.

Turn your visions about a dream bathroom into a reality. Whether you’re ready to start a new shower door installation or want to learn more about the enclosure options available, contact Glass Doctor of Birmingham to schedule an in-home consultation