Double Pane Window Services for Birmingham

Every home is subject to a certain amount of temperature change, regardless of climate. Unfortunately, over time, the constant temperature change will cause the seals of the windows to crack or break, resulting in a buildup of condensation. Condensation forms when outside air filled with water vapor seeps in-between the panes. Other reasons that seals fail are faulty installation or inferior seal products. Glass Doctor® of Birmingham installs insulated glass units (IGUs), which regulate the indoor climate and forestalls these issues.

Insulated Glass

double pane window

The purpose of insulated glass is to keep out the elements; namely, warm and cold air, resulting in a more comfortable indoor climate. It also helps to make your home more energy efficient. In both winter and summer, your HVAC system will run less frequently, resulting in both cost savings and energy savings.

An IGU is made up of two glass pieces and an insulating spacer. The spacer keeps the glass separate from each other and acts to seal the space in between. Some spacers are filled with a material that absorbs moisture, called a desiccant. A high-quality sealant is used to seal the perimeter of the unit; this prevents condensation from building up. Krypton or argon gas may also be added to provide extra insulation in the window.

Insulated Glass

One of our specialties at Glass Doctor of Birmingham is a replacement of insulated window glass. The good news is that our specialists use the existing frames of your window, which lowers the cost of pane replacement. This “just the glass” style of replacement extends your windows overall lifespan, but keeps cost manageable.

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