Double Pane Window Installation & Repair Services

Each part of a home plays an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere. Windows are an essential element in any structure that may sway the entire building into or out of the comfort zone. When the ideal windows are used, it maximizes your interior climate control. This is typically achieved through the installation of insulated glass units (IGUs), which provide a balance that regulates the interior climate, even when a home experiences extremes of weather or frequent temperature changes. Glass Doctor® of Bel Air, MD is able to replace the windows of your home with double pane window, a type of IGU, to optimize climate efficiency and energy output.

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Investing in double pane windows will save you money in the long-term. If your heating or cooling units have to work harder to balance the interior temperature, you will feel it in your wallet. Typically, windows are the reason your energy costs balloon. Windows that are not insulated trade climate-controlled air for drafts and conduct heat transfer, which ultimately hurts proper temperature regulation. The benefits of IGUs are their ability to reduce heat gain from the outside during hotter weather and prevent heat from leaking through the windows when it's cool. By keeping the temperature more consistent, your air conditioning and heating systems don't work as hard.

Double pane windows feature:

  • Two pieces of glass separated by a spacer
  • The spacer creates a sealed area between the two panes of glass
  • The spacer is filled with a desiccant (moisture absorbing material)
  • The airspace can contain either krypton or argon gas to provide extra insulation
  • The entire perimeter is sealed to prevent condensation between the panes using a high-grade sealant

When Your Windows are Improperly Sealed

It's fairly easy to recognize when you're in need of double pane window repair. The signs are typically visible and include the appearance of condensation or a milky substance. You can further check by feeling for drafts. If you notice any of these warning signs, contact our team for an in-home consultation and exact price quote for repairs.

Window Replacement

Glass Doctor of Bel Air, MD performs glass replacements in existing frames. It is one of our specialties and prevents having to replace the entire window. This cost saving repair will reestablish your double pane window's benefits without the cost of full replacement. Schedule an appointment online or call (410) 753-8660 to talk with a glass specialist at Glass Doctor of Bel Air, MD about double pane window repair or replacement today.