Double Pane Windows

Windows are an extremely important part of your home. They help maintain your home's comfort levels as well as prevent energy costs from getting out of control. A window that breaks or that is worn down will no longer provide your home with adequate insulation. This results in outdoor temperatures effecting your indoor temperature, which in turn forces you to use more energy to maintain your preferred comfort level.

To avoid these potentially high costs, you should install modern glass panes into your existing window frames. Here at Glass Doctor ® of Beaumont, CA, we offer professional window repair and unit replacement windows. Improve the quality of your life at home by upgrading your glass panes today.

The Science of Our Glass Panes

Double pane windows, or IGUs (insulated glass units), are built to withstand the heat of summer and the cold of winter due to the air pockets located between the two glass panes, which diffuse heat transfer.

Single glass pane windows lack this air pocket, which makes it easier for heat to pass through, making them much less efficient. Double pane windows also use a spacer made from desiccant ( a moisture-absorbent material) that holds the panes in place and that prevents exposure to moisture. We can improve the insulating properties of a double pane window even further by filling the air space with argon or krypton gas.

double pane window

The Double Pane Difference

You will notice the benefits of a double pane window installation almost immediately. In addition to improving your home's comfort, a double pane window will also reduce noise pollution. This is especially beneficial for anyone living in a noisy neighborhood or in an urban area.

Additionally, the use of double pane windows will help reduce your energy costs by as much as 50 percent. Our glass specialists will go over all your unit options to help determine what units will best serve your needs.

Signs You Need New Window Panes

If you don't have double pane windows or you have double pane windows that have outlived their usefulness (such as those that were installed in the 1980's), you should consider upgrading them. The following are warning signs that you need new window panes:

  • The glass exhibits a milky appearance
  • The glass panes are broken or distorted
  • There's condensation forming between the glass panes

Remember, your windows account for around 25 percent of the heat loss in your home. If you notice any of these warning signs, have your panes replaced as soon as possible to reduce the cost of energy loss.

Count on Our Specialists

Whether you're upgrading your existing home or building a new one, your windows are too important to your home's comfort to ignore. By replacing the glass and keeping the existing frames, you'll reduce the cost of installing completely new windows without sacrificing any of the benefits of doing so. Schedule an appointment with our specialists today for more information concerning our double pane windows and how they could improve your life.