Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of Beaumont, CA wants to protect your business from disasters long before they happen. We offer you access to our exclusive Advance Measurement system to prepare your business for future glass damage. With this proactive commercial glass care service, one of our glass specialists will come out to your location and map out every piece of glass in your building. When something breaks, all you need to do is call us and give us the reference information. After this, a glass specialist will come out and replace your broken glass on the spot.

The Benefits of Advance Measurement

More Convenient Repairs

You shouldn't have to schedule your day around repair services. Advance Measurement ensures you won't have to juggle appointment times and your business day. Instead, your full glass repairs happen at the exact time you need them or fitted to your convenience.

Faster Emergency Repairs

When glass breaks, you shouldn't have to wait for it to be repaired. Glass Doctor of Beaumont, CA’s Advance Measurement System ensures broken glass will be repaired as fast as possible. We know a broken pane can heavily influence the image of your business. Advance measurement prevents this by allowing you to avoid long-standing damage.

Less Expensive Emergency Glass Repairs

Since our glass specialists will already know what to bring out to your location, they can complete a full repair the first time. This means that you will save by not having to schedule another time for additional repair service.

Pre-Established Credit

As a part of the Advance Measurement system, you can open a pre-established credit account. This prevents any billing issues from affecting your glass service. Nothing will get in the way of your glass repairs when you need them the most.

In-Stock Options

If you have glass that is likely to break, it's best to be certain that there is a replacement available. That's why we offer you in-stock options as a part of the Advance Measurement system. When you enroll in this a la carte option, we will reserve certain panes of glass for your business, so that you are guaranteed to have exactly what you need.

A proactive commercial glass care approach will turn broken glass from a disaster into a minor nuisance. Contact Glass Doctor of Beaumont, CA today to get your Advance Measurement service started!