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Snohomish & Skagit Counties

Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Bring new life to your dining and living spaces with glass tabletops, which provide an unsurpassed elegance that will make a statement in the room. These fixtures include the added benefits of protection from the sun and other elements for your treasured furniture. Glass tabletops also make cleaning easy, without the need for harsh solvents.

Glass Tabletops for Home & Business

If you’re new to glass as a tabletop finishing, Glass Doctor® of Snohomish & Skagit Counties is happy to offer professional consultation services around the Arlington, WA area. Our team has extensive expertise and experience in measuring and fitting glass tops and overlays for coffee, dining and accent tables. When you schedule a consultation with our experts, you gain knowledge that enables you to make informed decisions on glass features for your residence or business.

Our specialists are available for assistance with such decisions as edging, finishing detail, thickness and tinting on all types of fixtures. Custom glass tabletops are ideal for:

  • Dining surfaces and tables
  • Office furniture and desks
  • Coffee tables and accent pieces
  • Antique furniture
  • Conference room fixtures

Once you determine a glass tabletop is the right choice for enhancing your home's decorative appeal and furniture preservation, you have a wide variety of options in terms of shape, size and edging. Glass Doctor of Snohomish & Skagit Counties specializes in:

  • Shape configuration: Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Racetrack and Octagon
  • Finished edges: Flat polished, Beveled, Decorative and more

Options for Extra Protection of Glass & Home Fixtures

In addition to shape, size and edging options, you can also consult with our experts on glass finishing:

  • Tinted glass protects your furniture, rugs, window treatments and other decor features from harmful UV rays. Damaging effects include fading of fabrics and peeling, cracking paint.
  • Safety glass is intended for outdoor furniture, including patio pieces and bar tops. Arlington, WA weather has a profound, potentially damaging impact on any fixtures that are exposed to the elements.
  • Custom measured safety glass, including tempered and laminated glass; protect your home’s occupants and business visitors from injuries that can occur from glass breakage.

Custom Shelving

Graphic of different glass edges

There are many custom-shelving options to serve your personal tastes and functional needs. Glass shelves add decorative flair, while maintaining a low visual profile in smaller spaces. You’ll never find an array of styles or custom finishes at a store, but Glass Doctor of Snohomish & Skagit Counties has much to offer for Arlington WA homeowners.

  • Visual Appeal: Shelving is available in various edging, tinting and shape customizations.
  • Function: For small spaces, glass decorative shelving takes up very limited space visually, making a room appear much larger.
  • Placement: Our team considers ceiling height and wall width when consulting with you on our glass decorative shelving. We offer advice on placement that will take full advantage of your space and configuration options.

Your home deserves the best in glass tabletops and custom shelving, so don’t settle for store-bought products. Trust the experts at Glass Doctor of Snohomish & Skagit Counties to create the piece you want. Call today to schedule a consultation with a glass professional.