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Double Pane Windows

Savvy homeowners in the Arlington area know the importance windows have in cutting heating and cooling energy costs. Double pane windows provide excellent protection from the weather, but even these well-insulated windows develop problems that require the attention of a professional.

The experts at Glass Doctor® of Snohomish & Skagit Counties are well aware of the importance windows play in preventing outdoor temperatures from affecting the comfort inside your home. So, if the insulated glass units (IGUs) in a double pane window fail, our glass experts are equipped to replace any window.

When to call a glass expert

double pane window

Although double pane windows look solid and stable, they actually experience expansion and contraction every day. Sunlight heats the airspace between the panes, causing the insulating gas or air between the panes to heat up and expand. Alternately, the air space contracts at night when it's cooler.

  • Over time, the constant pressure fluctuations cause small fractures in the sealant used to make the windows airtight. As the fractures widen, outside air will enter and exit the airspace, leaving behind moisture that causes condensation to build up between the window panes.
  • Double pane windows also develop condensation through hairline cracks in one of the panes, caused either by impact by a foreign object or through the thermal stress caused by outside temperature fluctuation.
  • Windows containing moisture-absorbing silica pellets instead of air or gas between the panes will take on a foggy appearance when the pellets have absorbed too much moisture.

Once you discover the slightest sign that one or more of the windows in your home has a blown seal, the smartest option is to contact a professional.

IGU Replacement Specialists

Our glass specialists will work with you to explore every available option in order to return your window to its former usefulness, including possibly replacing the sealed glass unit-not the entire window. They’ll inspect the window, measure the IGU, install and seal a new unit in place.

At Glass Doctor of Snohomish & Skagit Counties, we strive to offer residents of Arlington the best value in home glass repair and replacement services by delivering the finest customer service, convenient scheduling, high-quality workmanship and up-front pricing.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.