Door Closer Repair Service

Performing timely property maintenance ensures your building and its occupants stay safe. Glass Doctor¨ Anchorage knows that keeping your commercial liabilities low and your security high depends on properly functioning doors. We conduct door closer repair services that conform to operational warranties and industry standards, which ensures your entries and exits comply with local and federal regulations. Our experts deliver professional maintenance service that extends the life of your assets and prevents dangerous injuries that result from unexpected door closer failure.

Door Closer Functions

Buildings and commercial properties that support business activity utilize industrial grade doors. The additional reinforcement and locking mechanisms are designed to prevent unauthorized entry and withstand heightened use. However, those superior qualities necessitate the use of suitable door closers. Heavier doors require a closer system that includes adequate leverage, a spring mechanism or a hydraulic device which allow the minimal effort to open and shut the door.

Our door closer repair service keeps these vital components of your building working correctly. Normal business responsibilities naturally take priority, but staying on top of preventative maintenance tasks extends usage lifespan and lowers your risks. In place of, or in addition to a dedicated maintenance employee, our door closer repair specialists make assessments and perform professional work. We generate worry-free access to your building.

Signs of Door Closer Malfunction

Door closers often exhibit signs that point toward imminent failure. If a closer fails during its operation, the excessive weight of the door will cause it to behave erratically, slamming with quick, unexpected force. This type of behavior presents a safety risk to users and causes damage to the frame. Common warning signs include:

Fluid leakage: Oil or another fluid leakage indicates that the interior components are faulty. This type of damage typically occurs from extreme stress or unintentional abuse. Our repair specialists perform door closer repair on the internal mechanisms or install appropriate replacements.

Squeaking noises or jerky movements: Your door closer isn't working properly if the motion isn't smooth and quiet. Unintended exposure to the elements weakens interior components, and, when ignored, the problem generates damage.

Improper alignment: Inadequate door closers eventually lose the battle against gravity, which affects the door's alignment and possibly the locking system. If you've noticed that turning your key increases in difficulty, or you have to manipulate the door to lock it, the closer is most likely badly placed or insufficient for the door size and weight. Our experts replace door closers based on the weight and usage requirements of your door.

Professional Danger Prevention

Our skilled specialists perform new installations, replacements and general door closer repair tasks according to your business schedule. By performing these crucial maintenance tasks during or after operating hours, we make it easy to safeguard your property and personnel. Improperly locked doors present a security issue, compromising your assets and information. Commercial account holders will benefit from our simplified processing and professional account services.

Contact Glass Doctor of Anchorage to schedule your free business consultation. Our door closer repair specialists will perform a detailed assessment of your existing closers and ensure that they are functioning correctly.