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Auto Window Tinting

At Glass Doctor® of Amarillo, our custom auto glass services give local drivers more control over their driving experience. If you want to improve your vehicle's style, safety, comfort, or visibility, our glass specialists have personalized solutions for you. In addition to auto glass installations and repairs, our glass care team offers a variety of protective window tints to improve your vehicle on sunny days. These protective shields include tints that reduce heat, brightness, and UV exposure, making it easier to do the following:

Protect Your Investment

Keep your vehicle in good condition from the inside out, with a special auto glass window tint that protects your upholstery from fading and cracking. Whether you have leather, vinyl, or fabric in your vehicle, your seats and dashboard are vulnerable to fading and cracking over time. Reduce your interior's exposure to direct UV rays to prolong the life, look, and value of your whole vehicle. Our protective tints include UV-resistant options for your windshield and windows, which comply with local tint requirements.

Prevent Bright Glares

Sunlight is usually associated with driving visibility, but during the brightest hours of the day here in Texas, it may cause blinding glares on the road. Our auto glass tint options allow you to reduce these glares, even as you head directly toward the sun, keeping you more comfortable and preventing dangerous collisions and lane departures. Kids will also enjoy a better view of tablets and in-vehicle entertainment screens without the harsh sun in their eyes.

Enjoy More Privacy

Secure your belongings while parked, and enjoy more personal privacy while driving. Our auto glass tints include films that block prying eyes from your vehicle's contents and passengers. These tints maintain visibility on your end while impeding visibility into your vehicle, and they may range in darkness from the front to the back of your vehicle.

Reduce Interior Temperatures

Metal seatbelt parts will heat up quickly in a parking lot, and leather and vinyl seats may be inhospitable to bare legs after an afternoon in the sun. If you want to return to a more comfortable vehicle, invest in an auto glass tint that will reduce or eliminate this greenhouse effect. Even if you have to park in an uncovered spot in the sun, your auto glass will transmit significantly less heat directly into your vehicle. Just make sure you still use caution before touching hot surfaces.

Upgrade your vehicle with a custom auto glass tint today. Contact Glass Doctor of Amarillo to schedule a consultation with one of our glass specialists and start exploring your tinting options.