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Security Film

Glass windows and doors protect your business from adverse weather and intruders alike. They also play a role in the overall energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of running a business. To maintain property value, curb appeal and security, Glass Doctor® of Amarillo provides glass window tint for your office. Window tint blocks the sun's UV rays and excessive heat gain without inhibiting natural light; it's a great way to keep your business running efficiently. Window tint is most commonly used to maintain a consistent indoor temperature, which reduces utility costs. Properly installed window tinting will enhance the experience of your customers and the productivity of your employees.

Keep Your Property Protected

Glass Doctor of Amarillo will install security film, which will deter potential vandals or thieves. Investing in security film will give you more time to react in the unfortunate event of a break in.

Here are a few of the benefits associated with security window tinting:

  • Use darker tinting in private areas to inhibit criminals and increase the privacy of your building
  • Receive an additional layer of protection against injury from shattered glass if the window is broken
  • Reduced replacement or repair costs in the event of graffiti-vandalism; in these cases, only the film requires replacement, rather than the glass panes

Increase Natural Lighting

Decrease natural light glare and see an increase in productivity! Creating a more positive environment with quality sunlight directing film for your windows. Customers will enjoy the bright environment of your business locations and you will see a reduced draw on artificial light resources.

From decorative window tinting to security film, Glass Doctor of Amarillo offers a variety of enhancements to keep your business up and running. To learn more about the glass products we offer for your business, contact our team at Glass Doctor of Amarillo today.

*Each state has its own laws and regulations for windows’ visible light transmission (VLT) and commercial window tinting. Glass Doctor window tinting and security film materials do not protect against damage from high winds or wind-borne debris.