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Door Closer

Creating a welcoming storefront is key to owning a successful Amarillo area business. Most area business owners understand that the level of local competition dictates the efforts necessary in building and maintaining a business that adds vitality and jobs to their community. Once a customer decides to enter the front door, your first impression is made. The experts at Glass Doctor® of Amarillo will make sure your business always makes that great first impression by providing you with a extensive range of skilled commercial door closer repair and care services.

Door Closer Basics

Door closers serve a great purpose by consistently providing efficient, effortless entry and exits to your employees and the public. A properly installed and skillfully maintained door closer guarantees ease of use for decades. to any interior or exterior door by providing the right amount of back pressure when the door closes. When operating correctly, a door closer provides the right amount of give or back pressure when opened or closing. The team at Glass Doctor of Amarillo will properly adjust the speed of a door closer to ensure it operates smoothly, with the right level of force.

Door Closer Repair

Years of use coupled with internal component failure and poor maintenance often affect the performance of commercial door closers. Despite the above conditions, they often operate smoothly for years without failure. But when something does go wrong, it can be potentially dangerous to customers and employees if a door suddenly begins to stick or slam shut.

The highly experienced door closer repair specialists at Glass Doctor of Amarillo will quickly locate and repair problems using high-quality door closer mechanisms. Our reputation for unmatched expertise on repairing or replacing all types of door closers is unrivaled. Here are a few problems requiring our specialized services:

Inadequate Door Closers: Installing the wrong size or type of door closer will shorten the life of the unit and may even lead to doorframe misalignment. Installing the proper components is important to our specialists, who first consider your security needs and your daily volume of customer traffic.

Incorrect Installation or Maintenance: Every door closer must be properly fitted to match the size and weight of the door, it’s location and how frequently the door is used. Our experts have years of experience in repairing and installing door closers that will prevent the following problems:

  • Damage to the doorframe or door
  • Safety or security hazards to customers or your business
  • Hydraulic component failure

Leaking Oil: Leaking oil can become a slippery hazard in a busy entryway. Our expert services include exploring repair options before recommending door closer replacements. Lock Problems: Security risks or further damage can occur when a defective door closer isn’t repaired or replaced.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Repairs performed by unskilled workers can void warranties. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Amarillo offer on-site inspections, unequalled customer service and various services in addition to door closer repairs, including repairing or installing thresholds, doorframes, and custom glass doors and windows. Schedule an appointment today!