Door Closer Repair Service

When customers and clients visit your business, your door is the first interaction they have with you. If you have a manual door closer installed, this interaction should be effortless and safe, contributing to a positive first impression. However, damaged hardware or incorrect installation methods may cause your door to fly open, slam shut or provide too much resistance. These malfunctions are unbecoming and unsafe; it's important to resolve them right away. At Glass Doctor® of Adrian, MI, we understand how important it is to make new and returning customers feel welcome. If your door closer isn't working perfectly, call our specialists to come take a look.

The Cost of Damaged Door Closers

If your door is heavy and hard to open, guests may feel unwelcome and form a negative impression of your business. On the other hand, if the door is lightweight and swings open too easily, they may assume you cut costs in other areas. Broken door closers may hurt more than your reputation, though. Door closers also prevent injuries and reduce the risk of human error, especially for heavyweight doors. When these manual mechanisms don't work properly, heavy doors could open or close too quickly, crushing fingers or hitting people on the other side. If your springs don't work properly, your business may be liable for any injuries caused by your door.

Diagnosing Your Door Closer Damage

Your door closer contains an arm and several springs, which slide back and forth to increase or reduce resistance. If your door is more difficult or unpredictable than it once was, the parts within your door closer may be damaged. However, it may be related to a different hardware problem. At Glass Doctor of Adrian, MI, we work hard to troubleshoot broken door closers and figure out exactly what's wrong. Common causes of door closer damage include:

  • Improper alignment
  • Missing screws
  • Broken o-rings
  • Low oil levels
  • Damaged door frame
  • Damaged locking mechanism

No matter what's wrong, our door closer repair and maintenance services will help you restore your door closer and eliminate problems.

Door Closer Repair

If your door closer is broken, we will replace the missing or damaged parts that caused the damage. If your door closer is insufficient for your door, we will replace it with a stronger or bigger door closer.

Door Closer Maintenance

Every time someone leaves or enters your business, your door closer springs into action. Without proper door closer maintenance, this daily wear and tear will gradually decrease the amount of lubrication on each spring and damage the components that make your door closer effective. We will help you maintain your door closer to prevent damage and maximize its performance.