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Home Glass Services

Glass Doctor® strives to offer the best value in home glass repair and replacement services. Our expert specialists can handle window repair, insulated glass replacement, glass doors and home glass decor like mirrors, tabletops and shelves. Not only can we repair and replace your glass, we can protect it with our Clear Choice™ glass protectant. With Glass Doctor, you get responsive customer service, convenient scheduling, high-quality workmanship and up-front pricing.

If you’re looking for extra value, ask your local Glass Doctor about our members-only service plan. The Advantage Plan® membership includes priority scheduling, savings on future repairs, a free home inspection and a breakage guarantee for the duration of the membership.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your home. When glass breaks, call the doctor, Glass Doctor.

Window Repair and Replacement

window repair

Our trusted glass experts are qualified to repair, replace, renovate and protect any window in your home. Instead of replacing the entire window frame, we replace cracked or chipped glass in your single panes.

Upgrading your home’s windows has several advantages including, newer, insulated glass options called insulating glass units (IGUs). IGUs are made from two or more pieces of glass and a spacer that creates a separate, sealed air space. The spacers are filled with moisture absorbing desiccants, Glass Doctor has several insulated glass options that can increase your home’s value and reduce your energy bills by preventing summer heat gain and winter heat loss:

  • Single-Sealed Replacement Windows: One seal is placed between the glass and the spacer. Inside the spacer, a moisture-absorbing desiccant reduces excess condensation.
  • Dual-Sealed Replacement Windows: Aside from a single tape seal, a second, melted seal is placed between the glass and spacer. This extra layer of defense will extend your window's lifespan by five years or more. Homeowners are able to enjoy significant reductions in energy costs, a more comfortable home environment and improved protection from the elements.
  • Double Pane Replacement Windows: These windows are comprised of two glass panes that are separated by an air space to help reduce heat gain or eliminate air drafts.
  • Triple Pane Replacement Windows: With three separate panes of glass separated by two air spacers, triple pane windows are excellent at delivering unprecedented reduction in sound pollution and the transfer of heat. Drastically reduced heating or cooling costs, improved indoor air quality and enhanced curb appeal are the benefits these windows offer.
  • Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Replacement Windows: Low-E windows are renowned for reducing energy costs and minimizing damage to your furniture caused by exposure to the sun. While light is allowed to enter the home freely, a thin metallic coating on these windows ensures harmful UV rays are deflected from entering the home.

Services We Offer

Shower Doors and Tub Enclosures

Updating or converting your shower or bathtub enclosure is simple with ideas and service from Glass Doctor.  From basic and functional to elaborate and elegant, we tailor the options to your needs and taste.

Double Pane Windows

If you are beginning to notice interior glass condensation in your home’s windows, let Glass Doctor assist you. Our glass experts can replace your foggy windows with a new insulated glass units.

Custom Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor offers several custom glass solutions for your home. Our team will meet with you at your convenience to discuss the various options and begin the customization of your windows, mirrors and glass tabletops.

Emergency Services

If your home is in need of an emergency window repair or replacement, your Glass Doctor team is always available to serve you. Contact your local Glass Doctor or send an online service request. Let us fix your panes.

Window Tinting

Window tint offers energy savings and protection for glass windows throughout your home.

Clear Choice Protectant

If a home that require less cleaning and offers resistance to staining and scratching interests you, Glass Doctor has the answer - Clear Choice Protectant. We can apply the protectant to glass, granite, tile and porcelain. Keeping hard water, mineral deposits, environmental pollutants and weathering out of your home.