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As you winterize your Ontario home in preparation for the frigid winter months, don’t neglect your windows. Autumn is the perfect time to complete glass repair and installation projects. Get started with a simple phone call to Glass Doctor® of Barrie to schedule a complimentary in-home...Read more

Fall is upon us. As the leaves turn and the air grows chilly, we're entering one of the best seasons for glass repair and replacement. Don't delay replacing your worn-out glass windows and doors. Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast will prepare your home for cold weather. By acting now to have your...Read more

While you may be in the habit of saving a lot of your smaller home repair tasks till spring, October may actually be the perfect month to schedule your glass repair and installation projects. The cooler weather and shorter days mean that you will be spending a lot more time indoors in the coming...Read more

Now that fall has arrived in all its colorful splendor, you know that cold weather and family gatherings are just around the corner. This time of year is the perfect time to prepare your home for winter and finish all of your interior decorating projects. Glass Doctor® of Oxford County...Read more

Many agree that fall in this area of BC is the most beautiful time of year. It’s a time for preparation – your homes, your autos (and yourselves!) – for winter. It’s also a time of year when Glass Doctor® of Langley focuses on new home builds and renovation projects for Langley, New Westminster...Read more

At Glass Doctor® of Edmonton, we offer a number of glass services. Our glass specialists will provide you with glass repair and replacement services for windows, doors, mirrors and other glass decor items. As you prepare for the upcoming winter and all of the holidays associated with the season...Read more

If you own a business, you already know that one of the first things your customers notice is the quality of your glass. In addition to beautiful display cases and charming mirrors, installing large, beautiful, energy-efficient windows is one of the best ways to draw your customers' attention....Read more

Windows play an influential role in generating revenue and controlling the costs associated with commercial enterprise. Hospitality, retail, and healthcare industries rely on the inviting, open atmospheres large windows create to attract loyal customers. According to a recent...Read more

For businesses such as hotels and hospitals, adding “extras” to your windows makes a big difference in the experience your guests will have and increases their satisfaction with your company. For example, views are extremely important to hotel guests,...Read more

Window features and their benefits don’t tend to be the first thing businesses think of when making improvements on large scale. It does, however, tend to be something that people visiting those businesses think about. When equipped with the right attributes, windows provide the ability to give...Read more