Glass Repair Service in Ingersoll

Glass Doctor of Oxford County, ON

Though it's easy to think of glass as a delicate material, unable to withstand damage, modern glass is actually quite durable. Glass Doctor® of Oxford County, ON in Ingersoll repairs glass in your home, vehicle and business. Not only will repairing minor glass damage save you the hassle of replacing windows and glass panels, but it will also save you a considerable amount of money. However, for the best chance of repairing damage before it becomes worse, you must act quickly. Glass cracks spread fast and leave glass weakened, which is unsafe. As soon as you notice damage to your windows, auto windshield or other glass, call our team and let us take care of the problem.

Home Glass Services

Modern home glass is strong and can withstand more than you might expect, but damage will occasionally occur. If a stray pebble or baseball leaves a crack in one of your windows, let us take a look and assess whether a glass repair is possible. Our specialists will also take a look at your other windows to check for potential problems.

If a window is shattered, unfortunately, not even the skilled glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Oxford County in Ingersoll can save it. What we can do is quickly replace the pane to keep out the cold, Canadian air and repair any damage to the frame.

Auto Glass Services

Auto glass is the type of glass most frequently in need of repair. Road debris is unavoidable and can leave a windshield cracked or chipped in a second. A quick call to Glass Doctor of Oxford County, ON in Ingersoll will usually yield an inexpensive repair. Our auto glass specialists usually perform windshield glass repair on cracks smaller than about 7 cm and small chips.

Sunroof glass and rear windshields also lend themselves to repairs. However, side glass panels usually require replacement. In all cases, if a repair is not possible or is deemed unsafe, we can replace the auto glass with panes matching the original glass quality.

Business Glass Services

Businesses often have special glass that requires additional care. Damage to large store-front panels must be tended to quickly in order to protect the public as well as the business. If an on-the-spot glass repair is not possible and we need to replace the panel, we can usually complete the job the same day. If we have to order the glass, we'll ensure the window is boarded up for safety and security before we leave.

Glass Doctor of Oxford County, ON in Ingersoll understands that glass damage is often an emergency and is standing by 24-hours a day to respond quickly. We can usually arrive in under and hour to perform an assessment and at least make a temporary repair. Remember, the sooner you call our specialists, the better the chance of a repair being possible and the sooner your problem is resolved.