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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Custom glass tabletops for your home or business make a statement. They are interior designers' choice for a sophisticated, stylish look in any room and they complement every decor. Glass Doctor® of Oxford County, ON serves Ingersoll, Thamesford, Tillsonburg and Woodstock-area residents who are renovating or building new homes. We'll use custom decor to create a timeless appeal.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Graphic of different glass edges

Every room in your home will be rejuvenated when you introduce custom glass tabletops to your decor. You'll have a variety of edgings, weights, sizes, and tints from which to choose. The type of glass, such as safety, UV-rated and tinted, depends on your use and whether or not children and pets will be near or using your furniture. Your customized glass tops can be a stylish solution for:

  • Antique furniture
  • Coffee tables
  • Conference room tables
  • Dining room tables
  • Writing desks

Protective Glass Treatments and Tints

To protect your investment against weathering, contaminants, and UV ray damage, Glass Doctor of Oxford County, ON offers:

  • Clear Choice™: This protective glass treatment is used in bathrooms and kitchens, on stone, porcelain and any glass accessory or furniture you want to preserve, including custom glass tabletops. One application protects your glass from bacteria, environmental contaminants, soap scum and oils for up to five years. Clean becomes easier too!
  • Safety glass: Safety glass is necessary for outdoor furniture and poolside dressing rooms. But you can use it for custom glass tabletops, too, especially if your family will utilize the glass top every day. Tempered and laminated glass is also used for kitchen tables and bathroom accessories.
  • Tinting: You can have a clear, invisible tint or complement your commercial or residential glass tabletops with color. The tints help block UV radiation, and if breakage occurs, the film clings to glass shards, lowering the risk of injury to pedestrians or pets.

Complete Glass Care

Measured-to-fit glass or mirror shelving is more affordable than you realize! You can re-purpose areas of your hallways and utilize nooks and crannies to their best advantage with customized shelving. Benefits include:

  • Visual ambiance: Because you have so many styles and cuts from which to choose, your shelf configuration can become a stand-alone focal point for a room or blend discretely into a wall.
  • Presentation: Store-bought shelving is pre-sized and often doesn't work with the size of your collectibles or art. Glass Doctor of Oxford County, ON will design your glass or mirror shelving to conform to your space requirements. Glass tinting options are also available for shelves.
  • Storage: In a dressing room or closet, glass shelves keep your stored items visible from top to bottom.

The knowledgeable professionals at Glass Doctor of Oxford County, ON will share cost- and energy-saving tips during your free, onsite consultation. Count on our up-front pricing to ensure a clear payment plan; you'll be able to budget for projects you need now and the future. Call 519-485-5741 or contact Glass Doctor of Oxford County, ON today for more information.