Advance Measurement System

Glass is an extremely versatile, durable product for businesses, but at some point, it may break. Whether it’s due to vandalism, storms or another cause, don’t wait until you have broken panes to think about glass care. Glass Doctor® of Westchester & The Bronx Counties provides proactive commercial glass care through its Advance Measurement system, which allows businesses to be thoroughly prepared before disaster strikes.

Faster Emergency Repairs

After you join our program, Glass Doctor specialists will report to your facility at your convenience. They’ll precisely measure all of your glass, including windows, doors and additional products. Special needs such as tempered safety glass will also be noted, and you’ll have the option of pre-establishing contact and credit information to make repair and replacement services proceed even more quickly. This information will be recorded on a diagram, and you’ll be able to keep a copy.

When breakage occurs, simply consult your diagram and let us know the location and type of glass needed. Our mobile unit will respond quickly. If the glass you need is in stock, we’ll bring it on the first visit and replace it immediately, without the need for a temporary board-up. This enables your business to quickly get back to normal operations, and you won’t have to wait or pay for additional visits.

In-Stock Options

Let our specialists know if you have glass that breaks frequently. We’ll utilize our in-stock program to ensure that it’s on hand and ready to be quickly installed during the first visit.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Speed of service: Your diagram will give us the information we need to quickly help you.
  • Simplified payment: We’ll already have your credit information on file, enabling you to avoid billing issues.
  • Savings: If we have your glass in-stock, you’ll avoid the expense of additional visits.
  • Security: Having your panes replaced quickly will limit your business’ exposure to theft, vandalism, and weather-related damage.
  • Safety: A quick repair or replacement will help keep your customers and employees safe from broken glass and debris.
  • Appearance: A board-up can present a poor image to the public, so having your glass quickly replaced will ensure you don’t lose potential customers.

Schedule an appointment today with Glass Doctor of Westchester & The Bronx Counties. We’ll help you get started with our Advance Measurement System to provide the proactive commercial glass care your business needs.