Windshield Repair and Replacement

Cracked or broken windshield glass requires a specialist's attention. Glass Doctor® of Warsaw provides expert windshield repair and replacement services when and where you need them. On arrival, your glass specialist will assess the damage and make repairs if they are feasible. Since large chips or cracks affect the safety your vehicle, serious damages eliminates repair options. Our glass specialists are well versed in every type of car glass repair, so, no matter your make or model, your panes will be restored.

Factors Affecting Windshield Repair

We will always look at windshield crack repair before we suggest full replacement, but the option is not available under some circumstances. To help determine whether repair is feasible in your case, your glass specialist will look at:

  • Size and depth: Glass repair is not always effective on windshield cracks that are longer than three inches, nor do they typically work on chips larger than 3/8 inch. Similarly, any cracks or chips that extend all the through the windshield is no longer structurally sound and needs to be replaced.
  • Damage area: If a windshield crack extends all the way to the edge of the glass, the damage will spread over time, and repairs will not work. If your windshield is chipped directly in the driver’s line of vision, we recommend replacing the windshield because windshield crack repair may not cure clearly and could obstruct your vision.
  • Age of damage: A damaged windshield that is not repaired promptly may end up having to be replaced. As time goes by, dirt and contaminants can settle into cracks and chips, preventing the material used for repairs from bonding with the existing glass.

Windshield Repair

During windshield repair, your specialist will thoroughly clean the affected area, then prep it with specially designed tools. Glass resin is injected, and polished to a clear shine as it dries. If your windshield is eligible for repair, the service offers car owners many advantages:

  • Fast and easy: We will send a truck to your location, and repairs can usually be made in under an hour.
  • Affordable: It costs you less to repair a windshield than to replace it. Even better, your insurance carrier may waive the deductible for windshield repairs or cover the cost of repairs outright.
  • Reduced waste: Repairs help you do your part in protecting the environment. Every time you opt for repair versus replacement, you are cutting down on the glass in our landfills.

Windshield Replacement

As reported by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) as much as 60% of your vehicle’s structural integrity may be dependent on your windshield. When windshield crack repair is not an option, make sure you have new glass installed by the company that guarantees industry best practices such as:

  • Professional removal to avoid damaging paint or bonding surfaces.
  • Using only OEE and AGSC approved parts and materials.

When the installation is completed, the bonding agents need a minimum of one hour to cure properly. While that is happening, your specialist will inform you about our exclusive Windshield Protection Plan. This warranty is included with all windshield replacements and covers one windshield replacement or unlimited repairs for one full year. Some conditions apply, and we want to make sure you understand the coverage before we leave.

Keep your windshield damage free with the assistance of Glass Doctor of Warsaw. Make an appointment online today or call us to set up an assessment.