Double Pane Windows

Homes in the Warsaw area routinely experience wide variations in weather, ranging from sub-zero winter cold to triple-digit heat during summer months. Fluctuating weather stresses a home’s windows, making maintaining comfortable interior temperatures difficult at best. Windows play an important role in keeping temperatures comfortable, but many homes in the area have broken windows or seals eating away at a home's efficiency.

Glass Doctor® of Warsaw window experts provide critical glass care to Warsaw residents. Typically, homeowners upgrade older single pane windows to modern, high-quality double pane windows. Updating to premium double pane windows saves homeowners nearly $500 a year according to ENERGY STAR® statistics. Those savings allow homeowners to see an immediate return on their investment.

Signs of Defective Windows

double pane window

As a rule, all single pane windows are suspect, as they do little to enhance a home’s energy efficiency. Older double pane windows, however, tend to fog or develop condensation between the glass panes. Not only are fog or condensation unsightly, the defects alert homeowners the seal between the panes has failed. Although some window companies attempt to reseal the panes, they cannot restore the affected window’s integrity. The only real solution is replacing the defective windows with factory pre-sealed replacements.

When replacing windows, the importance of matching new windows to the region’s climate is crucial. The Glass Doctor of Warsaw professionals recommend proven window solutions rated to handle the region’s weather extremes. Insulated windows, referred to in the industry as insulating glass units or IGUs, provide a high level of protection, allowing homes to remain cooler during hot weather and warmer when frigid temperatures blanket the region.

Along with selecting the best window replacement options, choosing Glass Doctor of Warsaw specialists to install the replacement windows gives homeowners peace of mind knowing the professional installation will lead to years of trouble-free use. We also seal the perimeter of the windows to ensure homeowners enjoy a draft-free interior.

Count on Glass Doctor of Warsaw for Window Care

When a home’s windows are damaged or need to be upgraded, the Glass Doctor of Warsaw team handles all aspect of the replacement. Contact our experts today to take care of your window using quality, energy-efficient double pane windows.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.