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Door Closer Repair Service

Door closer repair will make entering or leaving your business a smooth transition. Door closers regulate the speed a door closes and makes heavy doors seem to work effortlessly. Glass Doctor® of Warsaw installs, adjusts and maintains door closers so that your customers will remember their experience with your company instead of the ordeal they went through using your company’s doors.

Door Closer Basics

An automatic door is mounted to the door or its frame, with a closer arm connecting the two. When someone opens the door, they feel the weight of the door, and then it will glide smoothly open. When it is released, the closer will close the door until it is almost in the jamb, and apply slightly more force to complete process. It should force the door to engage the latch, if present, but not so forcefully that there is a thud or banging sound. Metal doorframes may use small rubber spacers, called silencers, to further reduce the shock and noise.

Door Closer Repair

There are four primary types of problems with door closers: mismatching, adjustment, hydraulic problems and latching. A specialist from Glass Doctor of Warsaw can identify the type of problem quickly and take the necessary steps to correct the problem. In contrast, an inexperienced workman could cause additional problems or even total failure of the door closer.

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

A door closer that is too weak or strong will not provide adequate opening or closing behavior. Door closers can wear out over time, leading to a weaker spring. Contractors attempting to cut corners may install the wrong size closer, resulting in a closer that works for a while and then becomes increasingly erratic. Always hire experienced professionals for door closer installation and maintenance.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Commercial door closers can be adjusted to control the speed and force of the swing. If a door closer needs to be adjusted, you will need professional service with the correct tools and training for your door closer make and model.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

The hydraulic system on most commercial door closers is sealed, but some models allow new rings, springs or other parts to be installed to prolong operation. Glass Doctor of Warsaw knows which closers can be repaired, and has access to the parts required to do the job, or we can install an acceptable replacement.

Door is Difficult to Lock

Improperly seated or missing silencers are one of several reasons a door will not close properly. Other causes include an improperly adjusted closer arm or a closer in need of hydraulic care. Our specialists can quickly assess the situation and make the necessary repairs.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Glass Doctor of Warsaw provides door closer repair and many other services. Our door maintenance programs guarantee your door closers, doorframes, hinges, latches and other hardware keep your entryways working the way they were designed. Please contact the Glass Doctor of Warsaw team for any glass services or professional door maintenance.