Windshield Repair and Replacement

If your vehicle’s windshield has recently been chipped or cracked, you probably wonder if windshield replacement service is needed or if the damage can be repaired. You may even be tempted to try to live with the damage and hope it doesn’t get any worse. That’s a mistake; your windshield is a vital part of your vehicle’s safety equipment. The sooner you have the problem addressed, the greater the chance a repair is possible. Glass Doctor® of Warren, MI specialists repair most minor damage, and when this isn’t possible, we’ll safely replace your windshield.

Windshield Care Criteria

Our specialists will consider the following factors when deciding if a repair or replacement is appropriate:


  • Size: Windshield crack repair is often possible if the damage is less than three inches long. Chips can frequently be repaired if they're smaller than 3/8 inch in size.
  • Location: If a crack has reached the edge of your windshield, it usually can’t be repaired. Damage that obscures the driver’s field of vision is also an unlikely candidate for repair.
  • Duration: Over time, a chip or crack becomes embedded with dirt. This makes a safe repair unlikely because adhesive can’t be properly injected into the area.

Our specialists make the process of windshield repair and replacement as easy as possible for you. We’ll respond in our mobile unit, and we’ll even file your insurance paperwork for you.

Windshield Repair


We recommend a windshield crack repair over replacement when it’s possible and would serve as a long-term, safe solution. A repair is preferable for many reasons:


  • Speed: Most repairs take 30 minutes or less to perform.
  • Cost: A repair is less expensive than a replacement. In addition, many insurance companies won’t make you pay the deductible on windshield repairs.

Our Process

We promise to make a solid repair following our proven method of care: 

  • Cleaning the area: Our specialists remove dirt and other debris from the crack or chip.
  • Applying adhesive: We inject an adhesive into the damage site.
  • Curing and polishing: The adhesive is cured so it forms a strong, lasting repair. We then polish the surface until it’s clear.

Windshield Replacement

Glass Doctor® of Warren, MI, belongs to the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). As such, all of our specialists undergo training in industry best practices for safe, efficient auto glass replacement. These practices include choosing industry standard adhesives and replacing windshields with Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) quality glass.

Our Process

  • Removing your windshield: We carefully remove your damaged windshield, making sure your paint and bonding surfaces stay intact.
  • Selecting a new windshield: We use OEM quality glass to ensure your new windshield will keep you as safe as the one that rolled off the factory floor when your car was built.
  • Applying adhesive: The only adhesives we use have earned the approval of the AGSC™.
  • Observing the recommended drive-away time: We make sure you wait an hour before you drive away to guarantee the adhesive safely cures.

We stand behind our work with the Windshield Protection Plan, included free with your replacement. We’ll repair or replace your windshield for free if it’s damaged within 12 months.

Windshield Care in Warren

If you need windshield crack repair or replacement, contact Glass Doctor® of Warren, MI. Our specialists will use the highest level of expertise, procedures and products to perform the work. We’ll restore the safety of your windshield quickly and as economically as possible.