Storefront Doors

Storefront windows and doors are responsible for your business’s safety and aesthetic appeal. Companies that rely on enticing foot traffic know that a pleasing appearance has a powerful influence on attracting customers. Glass Doctor® of Warren, MI understands that aspect as well, and we deliver storefront glass care service designed to enhance the security, presence, and functionality of your entryways. Our experienced professionals conduct glass repairs, replacements, and improvements, and our Commercial Account programs offer proactive solutions for maintaining the integrity and beauty of your storefront glass.

Emergency Repairs

Damaged storefront glass generates immediate hazards. Accidental breakage presents a danger to your customers and places your property at risk of theft. Our industry experts understand storefront glass care. We provide emergency repair service 24-hours- a-day, seven days a week. Arriving on-site, we bring the tools and material necessary to either replace the existing glass, or to perform a secure board-up until the replacement item is available.

Moreover, we offer proactive storefront glass strategies that reduce or eliminate the wait time involved in glass replacement. Storefront glass care options include:

  • Advanced Measurement System: Our professionals take detailed measurements of each glass item at your business, including interior shelving and display cases, and create an easy-to- read diagram. When breakage occurs, the diagram provides the information required to check our inventory for a replacement piece. If it’s in stock, we perform the repair during the first visit, making unsightly construction unnecessary.
  • In Stock Options: This features allows businesses to pre-purchase frequently broken items, or those that are crucial for building integrity. Repairs are conducted swiftly and completely, which prevents unnecessary risk.


Performance Enhancements

Along with emergency solutions, our storefront glass care service includes a variety of enhancement options that improve the performance of your storefront glass. Energy-efficient and security improvements include:

  • Impact resistant glass - hurricane, bullet-proof, and fire resistance glass panels are available to increase business safety and prevent excessive loss during a weather-related disaster or attempted break-ins.
  • Safety laminates - laminates reduce the personal risk associated with broken glass by ensuring that the pieces stay in large chunks, rather than breaking into dangerous shards.
  • Tints - tinted glass films reduce ultra-violet (UV) light exposure to your furnishings and product displays, reducing shrinkage and replacement costs.
  • Low emissivity (Low-E) glass - this innovative item prevents heat transference, keeping your climate controlled air inside and reducing the burden on your heating and cooling system.
  • Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectantour one time application protects glass and other silica-based products from mineral deposits, stains, and discoloration for up to five years. It forms a lasting barrier that resists scratches and damage from environmental pollutants.
  • Custom glass etching - adorn your storefront doors or windows with your business logo or operational information with our custom etching service.

Our industry experts offer knowledgeable advice and detailed information concerning storefront glass care upgrades and design improvements. Contact Glass Doctor of Warren, MI today to learn more about our comprehensive storefront glass care options and the discounts available for commercial account holders.